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Artifacts of the Aberration

As with the previous expansions, Aberration has added new artifacts that players must collect in order to spawn the new boss of the region. There are three new added artifacts to ARK Aberration and they are: Artifact of the Depths, Artifact of the Shadows, and Artifact of the Stalker. We will go through how to find each one of them, and what you will need to bring alongside you in order to get them safely.

Artifact of the Depths

The first Artifact is the Artifact of the Depths. As its name suggests, it can be found in a cave. The cave can be found at latitude 48.3 and Longitude 27.2 The cave entrance is located by a small lake, where there is just enough room for a Rock Drake to fit through.


As you progress into the cave, it will become smaller, and you will not be able to bring any tamed creatures with you. As you travel into the cave, you will notice there is a big drop off between the cliff edges that you will need to get by in order to get the artifact. You can overcome this by bringing a climbing pick with you, or a zip line. In the cave, you can expect to find creatures like Titanoboas, Seekers, Ravagers, Raptors, and Karkinos.

You will need to be well equipped if you want to go into the cave, so I suggest stocking up on ammunition and armor. Once you get to the bottom of the cave, you will see the artifact in all of its glory! The creatures will probably not respawn by the time you are coming back out, and if they do, be prepared to fight!

Artifact of the Shadows

The next artifact to find is the Artifact of the Shadows. This artifact is located at about 55 latitude, and 66 longitude. You can find this artifact by going into the cave entrance and following the tunnels that the cave has.


Be ready to go through a bit of a climb to get to this artifact. The cave has several vertical drops, underwater passage ways, and a lake. You will be able to start off the cave system with a Rock Drake, but you will have to leave it once you get to a certain point into the cave. It will make going through the beginning of the cave a lot easier, and will make escaping even easier.

Since there are several vertical segments, you will need to bring climbing picks, or a zip line with you in order to get in and out of the cave. Since there are underwater passageways, I suggest you bring something to help you through these segments. Your best bet is to bring along a set of SCUBA gear, as well as some extra tanks of oxygen. There are a whole bunch of dangerous creatures that lurk in this cave, so like the previous, you will need to bring a hefty armory with you.

Artifact of the Stalker

The last artifact is the Artifact of the Stalker. This one is located in a cave at about 81 latitude, and 46 longitude. I definitely recommend you start off by bringing a Rock Drake with you, as it will make getting this artifact a breeze.


This artifact is definitely the easiest of the rest to get, as you can enter the cave, and use your Rock Drake to walk along the top of the Cave following the path of the blue crystals to the artifact. There are Megalosaurus, Carnotaurus, and Seekers in this cave, though you will be able to avoid most of them. This cave is radiated, so you will need to be wearing a Hazard Suit in order to get the artifact.