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Araneo (Spider) Dino Dossier


Common Name: Spider aka Araneo

Group: Invertebrates

Species: Araneomorphus amaigortarntius

Time: Mesozoic Era

Diet: Carnivore

Temperament: Aggressive

Tamable: Yes

Rideable: Yes

The Spider is aggressive, meaning it will attack anything it sees on sight. The Spider is both rideable and tamable. In order to ride it, you need an Araneo Saddle. The saddle requires level 40 and costs 18 Engram Points to unlock. It can be made using 260 hide, 140 fiber, and 100 chitin.  The spider does drop Araneo Eggs which can be eaten or used to help tame other dinosaurs.  Killing a spider will yield raw meat and chitin. Spiders can only be found in caves at the moment. Sometimes though, it will be found above ground due to a random spawning glitch.

Interestingly, the dossier says they have a poisonous bite, this is actually not correct as spiders are venomous and not poisonous. The dossier also says that it is too small to be rideable, but the developers actually changed it so that you can ride and tame a spider. Spiders prefer spoiled meat over raw meat by far. For example, at level 50 it would take 50 spoiled meat to tame a spider, and 334 raw meat to tame the same spider. I definitely recommend saving up some raw meat to tame this beast!


Interestingly, you can tame a spider without fighting them at all. All you need is some bug repellant. Bug Repellant requires level 15 and 12 Engram Points to unlock. It is crafted in a mortar and pestle and requires 6 pelt, 2 narcotic, 4 citronal, and 4 rockarrot. Applying bug spray to yourself will make the spider, as well as the Titanomyrma and the Dragonfly, invisible to you. You can then feed it food by walking up to it and continually feeding it until it is tamed. If you get too close to it though, it will become aggressive and ignore the bug repellant. If it is attacking another creature of eating a dead dinosaur, it will not be tamable. At level 50, it will take 50 spoiled meat to tame it, with 34 seconds in between each feeding.

Wild: I don’t know where to start with Araneomorphus amalgotantibus. It has so many of the nightmare inducing traits of spiders from among many family and genus.

Domesticated: As long as it is kept far from arachnophobics, domesticated Araneomorphus makes an excellent guardian creature for anyone wanting to avoid killing. Their strange web-spraying behavior is also quite helpful while hunting fast, fleeing prey. They are too small to be used as mounts, however…

Known Information: It fires webbing like a bola spider, it spits venom like a lynx spider. It has a poisonous bite like a myriad of spiders, and can see in the dark by sensing vibrations. And to top it off, Araneomorphus is larger than an adult human! If that wasn’t enough, I’m convinced that some of the caves on the island have actually been dug by Araneomorphus, but this worries me. Either Araneomorphus is a colony-spider (like ants), or there is a much larger Araneomorphus somewhere on the island.