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ARK Survival Evolved Command Codes List

Ark Survival admin commands can be used to manipulate the game through the in game console. To enable the console, go to the options and bind it to a key. The default bind is tab, but this can be changed. All admin commands can be done on your own private server, and not in multiplayer official servers.


Enablecheats Enables cheats on the server and gives you admin powers over the server. The password is the password of the server.
ShowMyAdminManagerEnables the administration UI
Setcheatplayer (true or false)Gives a player the ability to use cheat commands
Requestspectator Allows any player with the server password to be able to spectate the server
Cheat enablespectatorDestroys your current character and puts you into spectator mode
StopspectatingStops spectating mode and puts you back into the server as a player
CheatAllowPlayerToJoinNoCheck Allows the player to join the server via their steam ID
CheatDisallowPlayerToJoinNoCheck Does not allow the player to join the server via their steam ID
Cheat SetMessageOfTheDaySets a message that will appear whenever a person joins the server
Cheat broadcast Sends a message to everyone on the server
Cheat ServerChatToPlayer Sends a private message to a specific user
Cheat ServerChatTo Sends a private message to the person with that steam ID
Cheat godEnables god mode. You cannot die, but you can drown
Cheat flyEnables the ability to fly
Cheat walkDisables flying and allows you to walk
Cheat teleport (X Y Z)Teleports you to specific coordinates
Cheat TeleportToPlayer Teleports you to a specific player with that steam ID
Cheat slowmo 5Reduces the speed at which players can move, the default is slowmo 1
Cheat playersonlyFreezes everything on the server except for players, including crafting
Cheat ghostEnables noclip. You can walk through walls and all objects
Cheat forcetameTames any dinosaur that you are aiming at, you can ride any dinosaur tamed via this method without a saddle.
Cheat ForcePlayerToJoinTargetTribe Forces a player to join the targeted tribe. The ID is not the steam ID, but their ID in the showmyadminmanager list.
Cheat ForcePlayerToJoinTribe Forces the player to join that specific tribe
Cheat givexptoplayer or Gives experience to another player
Cheat addexperience 1000 0 0Gives you 1000 experience. You can change the value and if you change the second 0 to a 1, it will be shared experience with your tribe.
Cheat GiveResourcesGives you 50 of every resource in the game
Cheat InfiniteStatsGives you full hunger, stamina, and infinite ammo
Cheat ListPlayersLists all players on the server and their steam ID
Cheat KickPlayer Kicks a specific person from the server
Banplayer Bands the user from the server permanently
Unbanplayer Unbans a player from the server
Cheat DestroyAllEnemiesDestroys all enemies, they will respawn instantly. This includes all of their tamed dinosaurs as well
Cheat HurtMe Deals a specified number of damage to yourself
TogglegunToggles the visibility of your current gun/weapon/tool
Cheat SetTimeOfDay Changes the time of day based on a 24 hour clock
Cheat SetPlayerPos 0 0 0Allows you to teleport to any coordinate on the map. [click]( http://jdimensional.com/ark-map/)
Cheat SaveWorldSaves the entire server.
Cheat quitExits the world and quits the server.
Cheat ExecSetSleeping (true/false)Either puts your character to sleep (true) or wakes them up (false)
Cheat EnemyInvisible (true/false)Makes you invisible to all animals in the environment, even if you engage them
Cheat Destroyall Destroys all dinossaurs/objects of a specific class. Refer to (Structure list) and (Dino List)
Cheat killplayer Kills the player. Get the ID for the player by opening the admin manager and looking for the 9 digits next to their name
Cheat summon Summons the specified object at your location. Refer to the lists
Cheat GiveItemNum Gives you any item that you list and a quantity. Ex: GiveItemNum 1 1 0 false gives you a primitive simple pistol
Cheat GiveToMeGives you any structure you are aimed at. Will also tame any dinosaur
Stat FPSShows your FPS.
Stat UnitShows your CPU and GPU stats
PausePauses the server
Cheat MakeTribeAdminForces you to be admin of a tribe that you are in
Cheat MakeTribeFounderForces you to be founder of a tribe that you are in
Cheat RemoveTribeAdminRemoves admin from the tribe
Cheat GiveItem Gives you any item you specify.
Cheat GiveItemNumToPlayer Gives an item to a specified player
Cheat ClearPlayerInventory Clear the inventory of any other player.
Cheat GiveAllStructureGives every structure that is connected to you and your reticle.
Cheat SetTargetPlayerBodyValint (0-30), flat (0-1)Changes a character’s body appearance.
Cheat SetTargetPlayerColorValint (0-2), float (0-1)Changes a character’s color
Cheat DestroyMyTargetDestroys the object that you are looking at, also works with dinosaurs and players
Cheat SetTargetDinoColor Changes the color of the dinosaur. Use PrintColors command to see what colors are available.
PrintcolorsShows all the available colors
Cheat DestroyWildDinosDestroys all wild dinosaurs on the map. This is not permanent, the dinosaurs will respawn.
GiveColors Gives you every dye in the specified quantity.
Cheat SpawnDino Spawns a dinosaur to the specified coordinates and with a specified level.