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ARK: Survival Evolved Confirmed Features & Goals [Rolling List]

– There has been a bomb-shell of information dropped on us and we decided to dedicate an entire page for the ARK FAQ’s that were released and confirmed by the dev team. Please see this page here for a more in-depth feature list!

After some binge watching I’ve come up with a list of confirmed features and some goals that are planned for ARK by creative director, Jesse Rapczak. This list might be updated to include features that were missed or recently confirmed, be sure to check below for the last edit time.

  • Progression in-game: Different armor types, skill points/character leveling, knowledge (blueprints), base building, farming.
  • Active Weather System: Weather will have an effect on how the game is played, current weather types confirmed is rain, heatwaves, and cold fronts.
  • End Game: The end game will be developed throughout early access and feedback will be taken from the community.
  • Mod Support in Early Access [PC]: Mod support will be provided in Early Access, some content could also be implemented into the final version of the game.
  • Taming/Training Animals: You will be able to tame and train animals that you come across in-game which could help benefit you in surviving be it resource collection or hunting. There is no limit on how many animals you can tame/train, but you better be sure to have enough food to feed them all!
  • Player Count in Servers: The ultimate goal is to be able to support 100 players in a server, this is something they would like to achieve by final release. It is currently unknown how many players will be able to play together in alpha, but this should be figured out in the next few weeks.
  • In-game VOIP: Default for servers will be proximity chat, but this can be reconfigured to the host’s preference.
  • Server Hosting: Players will be able to host their own servers, it is unknown if servers will be supported by Linux, more will come later on regarding this. There will be official servers hosted as well.
  • Cost/Release Date: The game will release on June 2nd, 2015 for $25.00 USD as a one time fee and you will own the game. It has also been confirmed that there will be NO micro-transactions.
  • Performance: Jesse Rapczak (ARK Creative Director) stated that performance is not a primary goal this early on in development as they are pushing their graphical fidelity in-game. He also stated that currently it will be a 30fps game that is very scale-able so that people with lower end systems should be able to run it. They will focus more on performance later on in the development process of the game.
  • No Default Perma-death: There will be no default perma-death system in place. If you die in-game, you will drop your items that you have, but you will keep all the experience/knowledge you had gained before you died and carry it over in your new life.
  • In-depth Player Interaction: Take prisoners, force feed, rope, and more. I would compare this to “Reign of Kings” style of player interaction. There will also be sleepers enabled meaning that if you log out of a server, your in-game body will remain in the server vulnerable for others to attack you so be sure to keep safe!
  • Map Size/Info: The top down size of the map will be around 48 square kilometers and that does not include the cave systems which are under the surface of the map and in the ocean. There will be one map planned for release which might have extensions made to it later on. There are no plans for procedural generation for their maps as they like adding a personal touch.
  • Character Customization: You will be able to pick between a male or female character and customize their skin tone, eye color, body proportions, and more.
  • Anti-Cheat: They will be using authoritative servers meaning that it will detect a clients key presses and the server will check to see if they are valid entries. They also plan on adding in VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) for minor client-side cheats that their authoritative servers might not be able to detect. The authoritative servers also mean that you will require better hardware to run a server off of as it is more resource intensive.
  • There will be a single-player and a multiplayer for ARK: The single-player will be more of a locally hosted private server just for yourself and possibly scaled back a bit since the game is primarily made for cooperative encounters.
  • POV: The game will mainly be first person due to the fact they would like a more immersive experience and limit the HUD available.
  • Weapons & Customization: You will be able to add attachments to weapons that you find/create. You will be able to have multiple attachments on certain weapons that support them. The aiming system for modern weapons will be more point to point while the more primitive weapons such as bows, javelins, etc… will use projectile travel.
  • Lore/Bosses: There will be hidden lore in-game that you can find while exploring the world that will help lead you to the actual end-game. You will also be able to fight bosses that are related to the end game that can give you the chance for special loot. They will be able to be summoned by a group of players that are ready to fight, this is not really an instanced fight but will be somewhat protected from other players griefing your boss kills away from you.
  • Medical System: There will be a slow heal effect that will benefit you when you are well fed/hydrated. You will also be able to craft items that will help you heal more quickly.
  • Base Defense: You will be able to create your own base defenses such as automated defenses, training dinosaurs, and so on.
  • Mount Combat: You will be able to use your mounts for combat, this includes “roadkilling” and also adding weapons to the mount that you can craft. Expect the mount weapons to be a WIP concept.


UPDATE: Wildcard Studios have updated their FAQ’s on their Steam community page, be sure to check that out HERE! We will add a page with the games FAQs with additional as well on our page shortly.


Is there something that we might have missed or more that you would like to know more about? Be sure to leave a comment below and let us know and we will be sure to look into it and update our list!

Last Updated: 5/12/15 9:50AM CST