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ARK Survival Spoil Times – Meats, Berries, Eggs, Veggies & More

Here is a guide showing the spoil times for various items and resources in ARK Survival Evolved.  The location of the items can affect how long the items will last before they go bad.  Storing your foods in a refrigerator is the ideal place for them to last the longest.  Items kept in your player inventory will spoil the fastest.


This table shows the amount of time each item will last in each different storage area.  Each type of meat has a different spoil time so be sure to pay attention to which kinds you have in your inventory.  Most of the grasses and roots have the same spoil times.

ARK Survival Spoil Time Table

Blood Pack30:002:00:002:00:005:00:0050:00:00
Cooked Meat20:001:20:001:20:003:20:0033:20:00
Cooked Prime Meat46:003:04:003:04:007:40:0076:40:00
Cooked Meat Jerky2 days8 days8 days20 days200 days
Eggs8 days32 days32 days80 days800 days
Energy Brew2:00:008:00:008:00:0020:00:008 days 8 hours
Kibble3 days12 days12 days30 days300 days
Raw Meat10:0040:0040:001:40:0016:40:00

Table can be read as followed: 33:20:00 – 33 hours, 20 minutes 0 seconds. Meat will change to spoiled meat, everything else will disappear once it spoils.