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ARK: Winter Wonderland!

ARK: Winter Wonderland is an ARK’s take on Christmas! This is a special event added for the 2015 Christmas time! ARK added a bunch of Christmas related items and at night, you can see Raptor Claus flying over the skies dropping presents containing special items like Mistletoes, coal, and some high quality blueprints.

Raptor Claus

Make sure to stock up on all of these items as they are limited edition and will only be available during the Ark: Winter Wonderland event!

Gift Screenshot

This event adds the following blueprints that can be created in a Smithy.

Candy Cane Club Skin – This skin will change the appearance of a Wooden Club to that of a more festive candy cane! This skin can be made in a Smithy by combining 40 mistletoe, 15 crystal, and 5 metal ingot.


Dino Santa Hat Skin – This skin will change the appearance of a hat that is put onto a dinosaur into a Santa Hat! This hat can be made by combining 30 mistletoe, 90 fiber, 8 hide, and 25 pelt in a Smithy. Jolly up your dinosaurs and get this limited edition skin!


Gift Box – Gift boxes can be crafted and hold up to three items inside of it. If you hold E on the box, you can rename it and select who the recipient of the gift is. When the recipient opens the gift, a small cloud of confetti will occur and the items will be transferred to their inventory. A gift box can be crafted by combining 3 mistletoe, 20 thatch, and 20 fiber in a Smithy.


Holiday Lights – Holiday lights are special lights for the Christmas event! Similar to Christmas lights in real life, these string of lights can light up any room! To craft them, add 1 Mistletoe, 3 fiber, and 1 crystal to a Smithy. These lights are treated as if they are a wooden structure.


Holiday Stocking – Holiday stockings can be hung up and are treated as wooden structures. They cannot be damaged by hands, stone weapons, or non-explosive ranged attacks. To craft a holiday stocking, you need 2 mistletoe, 25 fiber, and 2 hide.


Holiday Tree – Holiday trees are Christmas trees! These can be placed in your house to make the place more holiday-y! This structure can be crafted in a Smithy by combining 10 mistletoe, 80 wood, and 40 thatch.


Megaloceros Reindeer Costume – This costume will change the appearance of your Megaloceros into a reindeer! This skin is hilarious and is definitely needed for any holiday fan.

Santa Hat Skin – The Santa Hat skin will change the appearance of any hat in the game to a Santa Hat! Combine 30 mistletoe, 90 fiber, 8 hide, and 25 pelt In a Smithy.

Snowman – A snowman can be crafted and placed in your house to give place a more homey feeling. The snowman can be crafted in a Smithy by combining 7 mistletoe, 8 wood, 1 rockaroot, 5 obsidian, and 20 fiber. 


Wreath – A Wreath is another collectible item that can be placed on any object such as walls and doors! This Wreath will give your home the holiday feeling. Make the wreath by combining 4 mistletoe, 30 thatch, and 30 fiber.


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