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ARKDaily Broadcast 5/13/2015

Introduction to The ARKDaily Broadcast.

Good afternoon, ARKaholics. As of today, we will be working to provide you with daily updates to give you insight on what news you should be expecting from official announcements, content releases, or anything else ARK related.

ARK Games News

What’s in store for us today? The official word, at least that that we’ve received thus far, is that we will be getting another Dino Dossier from the team at ARK! This is part of their tri-weekly release schedule they outlined previously.

As for the Dossier itself, no word yet on what creature it is going to be. To those of you that are unfamiliar with what the ARK dossiers are, they’re essentially informational documents that provide a combination of lore and other information about the creatures of ARK. If you take a peek back at our previous blog post on the subject, News From The Front, you can see some previously-released dossiers and get a feel for their style and content.

That is it for the official news, but we will continue searching the supplied materials and pressing the people working at and with Studio Wildcard to release more information as the day goes on. Be sure to check back regularly to see updates, or use the form on the homepage to subscribe to receive email updates whenever we post new content.

ARKafied Community News

We’ve made a lot of changes to our main website, most important of which was the addition of the official ARKaholic forums. We encourage all of you to register on our forums so that you can join the conversation. With this in mind, we are looking to grow our audience here at ARKaholic.com and to help promote ARK: Survival Evolve. If you are interested in sparing a little bit of your time to help us out, check out our thread on how you can do so! Our thread on how you can help.