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ARKDaily Broadcast 5/15/15

ARKDaily Broadcast Issue #3

Welcome ARKaholics, today marks the third installment of the ARKDaily Broadcast. Today, Friday, May 15, means that it is time for us to get a brand new dino dossier from the team at ARK. There has been some speculation that it could be a flying dinosaur (possibly a Pterodactyl) since no flying creatures have yet been shown and, in our post on the hidden alternate dossiers, we uncovered some existing concept art of them.

On top of that there has been talk that the Thursday Community Crunch (which features community content & members) could possibly become a weekly event. The event was a boon to our, and presumably others, reach. Regular occurrences would, hopefully, instigate expedited growth for all communities surrounding the game, giving it the publicity it needs to be a lasting title.

Next, we would like to give you a brief recap of the events that happened yesterday:

We had a brief discussion with Jat (ARK Community Manager) that revealed that we could possibly expect a weekly Community Crunch depending on the amount of content that has been created by the ARK community. We should learn more about this throughout the weekend and we will update you if the status of this changes.

If you missed our second ARK news post yesterday, we stumbled upon some hidden dino dossiers which was discovered by our own 89yoyos when he was altering the images in Photoshop. They provide a bit of extra mystery in the game’s back story, as well as showing off some cool concept art that hadn’t before been released.

We also published an article with some popular questions from the ARK community that were answered by the developers, these have also been included in our current ARK FAQ page on the website.

Finally, in ARKaholic.com news, we hit another milestone yesterday. On top of busting through 4,500 total views, and beating the previous best single-day pageview-count, we managed to reach over 2,000 pageviews in a single day. This came just after having reached 200 Twitter followers on our @The_ARKaholic twitter account. All of these are big achievements for us, and we would like to thank all of you who have been at our side, sharing our content and helping us become the biggest ARK news blog and forum.