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Bosses in ARK Survival – Broodmother & Dragon

As you continue to level up and gather more resources, you can take on all different kinds of creatures. You can build up your own dinosaur army and capture others and wreak havoc on your surrounding lands. You can amass a large amount of resources and keep all of your pets in an enclosed area where you can take them out as you please. There are also a few hidden bosses in the game that I will get into as well.



The first boss in the game that you can summon is the Broodmother.

The Broodmother is a huge spider that when summoned, will be released into the environment and will become aggressive towards you. You cannot tame nor ride the Broodmother, but it will drop some valuable materials upon being killed.

In order to summon the Broodmother, you need:

  • 8x Megalodon Teeth
  • 4x T-Rex Arms
  • 4x Argentavis Talons
  • 2x Sauropod Verebra
  • 1x Artifact of the Hunter
  • 1x Artifact of the Clever
  • 1x Artifact of the Pack
  • 1x Artifact of the Massive
  • 1x Artifact of the Skylord
  • 1x Artifact of the devourer

The artifacts can be found in the 6 caves that are found throughout the world. Each cave is hidden and contains a special element and set of traps and monsters. You can only carry one of each artifact at a time.

Once you have all of the items, find an obelisk. An obelisk is a pillar that has a huge shining light from it. You can then select it and select the Broodmother and craft it. You receive some goodies upon killing her which include a special decorative spider flag, an achievement, and access to special titles that have yet to be released.


There is also a special dragon that has been introduced into the game that requires absolutely no preparation in order to get. Simply find the central taming platform and select the dragon. The dragon will be available to fly for a short amount of time before it turns on its owner and clear the area.


The Ark Survival Evolved development team is constantly improving the game and adding a lot of new content to it. There has just been a new mode introduced into the game that allows 100 players to enter a new realm and fight each other in order to see who the last man standing is.

The game mode features the dragons in an attempt to make sure players are not camping in an area for too long, and encourage the game mode to progress and have constant action.