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Chest piece

ARK Survival Evolved Riot Armor

After much want from the community, Riot Gear is the latest gear to be introduced into the game. Riot gear has the best armor rating thus far and decent protection against cold elements. The Riot armor is essentially the best gear…

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Raptor Claus

ARK: Winter Wonderland!

ARK: Winter Wonderland is an ARK’s take on Christmas! This is a special event added for the 2015 Christmas time! ARK added a bunch of Christmas related items and at night, you can see Raptor Claus flying over the skies…

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ARK on Mac & Linux New Official Date

Hey there ARKaholics! News from the team has just dropped that the initial release date of the Mac and Linux version which was planned for June 25th has been delayed until the 30th of June. They are using this time…

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ARKaholic Early Update/Stream

Update 9:10am CST: Confirmation from Jake Hurst that no e-mails have been sent out yet, hopefully we will begin seeing them shortly. Update 8:20am CST: It would seem that the keys might be slightly delayed so expect a later stream. We…

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News From the Front

Good afternoon, ARKaholics! We have some exciting news to bring to you today. Jat, the community manager for the game, posted a new thread today introducing himself and giving some details into what we are to expect in the near…

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ARKaholic Forums are LIVE!

We decided to go ahead and get a license for IP Board and get our forums system up and running. Feel free to visit it, create an account, and meet us at ARKaholic and other fans of ARK! There has…

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