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Diplodocus Dossier

Diplodocus dossier

Common Name: Diplodocus

Group: Dinosaurs

Species: Diplodocus insulaprincep

Time Period: Jurassic

Diet: Herbivore

Temperament: Naïve

Tamable: Yes

Rideable: Yes

Breedable: Yes

The Diplodocus is one of the friendliest creatures on the island. Having a very playful manner, the Diplodocus has been known to go up to strange dinosaurs or survivors and cuddle up next to them. The Diplodocus can be found in the southern regions of the island and can be easily identified by their long tail and raised head.

They are very often confused with the Brontosaurus, but once you get up close, you’ll easily be able to differentiate the two. Killing a Diplodocus will yield Hide, Raw Meat, Raw Prime Meat, an Sauropod Vertebra.

If you are an admin of a server and want to spawn a Diplodocus, enter this into your console: admincheat summon Diplodocus_Character_BP_C

A Diplodocus is unique in the sense that you can tame it by either knocking it out in the traditional sense, or by passively taming it. The Diplodocus will not deal any damage to you, so if you are trying to knock it out in the traditional sense, it will not put up much of a fight. The only thing you have to be cautious with is that the Diplodocus can push you around, so be sure to be far from cliffs or any high areas where you can fall to your death.


If you are trying to knock it out in the traditional sense, you will need to hit it 92 times with tranquilizer arrows, 53 times with tranquilizer crossbow, or 38 times with tranquilizer darts. Once unconscious, you will need to feed it 35 kibble, or 235 vegetables.

Note that if you want to train it by knocking it out, you can use a Chain Bola or a Large Bear Trap to immobilize the dinosaur so that it doesn’t move around. You can easily hit it with whatever you need to and knock it out without the hassle of having to chase it around.

One of the unique things about passively training the Diplodocus is that you must play with it. In order to passively tame it, you must play with the dinosaur and form a bond with it. You must approach it and let it nudge you and you have to form a bond with it before you can tame it. Again, you will need either 12 kibble, or 79 vegetables if you choose to tame it this way. It will take a total taming time of 15 minutes with kibble, or an hour an twenty minutes with vegetables.

Once you have one tamed, you will see that it does offer some utility and bring some aspects to your tribe. If you are looking for a battle mount, this is definitely not the dinosaur for you, because it deals no damage to other dinosaurs or other players. The best thing that this dinosaur provides is that it is a transport beast. It can carry up to 10 players and a driver!

The Diplodocus also moves relatively fast, so you can travel long distances with many people in a very little amount of time. It can also carry a lot of gear, so if you want a great transport mount, I recommend leveling up speed and stamina. Note that you will have to craft a Diplodocus saddle which requires level 35.

Another great thing that the Diplodocus can provide for your tribe is a mobile tank. Since it can carry so many people, you can load up the dino with 11 players who are all fully armed and raid another tribe’s base with ease. It has a lot of base information and takes a lot of effort to take down. There isn’t much another tribe can do if they see this beast coming at them, other than take to the hills and try to defend their base.

Dossier Information

Wild: Despite being one of the Island’s larger creatures, Diplodocus Insulaprincep is among the Island’s smaller sauropods. Instead of the size and intelligence, Diplodocus developed faster maximum speed and greater endurance. When fully matured, it generally only reaches about two-thirds the size of the rather enormous Brontosaurus.

Domesticated: Due to Diplodocus’ smaller frame, it cannot support the type of ‘platform’ saddle that other large creatures can. To make up for this, many tribes instead use a three-seater passenger saddle that allows Diplodocus to carry two additional riders. These passengers often use ranged weapons to protect the creature, or to attack nearby enemies while on the move!

Known Information: Diplodocus is another creature whose continued survival on the Island confuses me. It’s a very thick-headed and trusting animal, often to its fatal detriment. It usually doesn’t flee from predators until after they’ve attacked it repeatedly, preferring instead to make numerous fruitless attempts at friendship. For some strange reason, Diplodocus trusts humans so much that it doesn’t seem to fight back against them… ever!