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Dire Bear Dossier

direbear dossier

Common Name: Dire Bear

Group: Mammals

Species: Arctodus dirus

Time Peroid: Plestiocene

Diet: Omnivore

Temperament: Territorial

Tamable: Yes

Rideable: Yes

Breedable: Yes

The Dire Bear is a very territorial creature, meaning that it will attack if it feels that you are too close. The Dire Bear can charge at you, similar to that of a Pachy. The Dire Bear is an omnivore, meaning that it will eat both meat or berries. One of the key aspects of the bear is that it can swipe at trees to harvest berries at a really high rate. It can also stand on its hind legs, similar to that of a bear in real life.

Killing a Dire Bear will yield Raw Meat, Hide, and Pelt. They are most commonly found in the central parts of the island and require a level 35, Dire Bear Saddle in order to be rode once tamed.

If you are the server admin, you can spawn a Dire Bear by entering the following into the console: admincheat summon DireBear_Character_BP_C

If you are trying to tame one of these beasts, there are a few strategies that can be taken to be the most efficient. The first way that makes the knock out the easiest is to create a taming pen. You can make a small area that is enclosed with windows so that you can shoot at it to knock it out. After you make the pen, pick up the Dire Bear and drop it into the pen.

It can be picked up by Quetzal, Wyvern, or a Tusoteuthis. Another good strategy for knocking one out is to have the high ground. If you find a place where you can attack the bear but it cannot attack you, it will make for a very easy knock out.

A level 30 Dire Bear will require quite a bit of effort to take down. You will need to hit it with 112 slingshot hits, 31 tranquilizer arrows, or 13 tranquilizer darts. Once it is down, its preferred food is kibble. You will need either 10 units of kibble, 26 units of raw prime meat, 52 units of cooked prime meat, or 65 units of raw prime fish meat. The taming time varies by which food you feed it, but using kibble will result in a short taming time of only a half hour. If you use raw prime meat, your taming time will be 45 minutes.


Once you have it tamed, know that you now have a great beast of a creature at your arsenal. The Dire Bear is a great mount of you engage in tribe versus tribe warfare. The Dire Bear has extremely high damage and is very fast. It has a very wide frontward attack that can strike multiple enemies at once and even knock people off their mount. You can also use its primary attack while sprinting, which is a huge plus if you are fighting another tribe.

Another great aspect of the Dire Bear is that it is an amazing gatherer. The Dire Bear can farm fiber, raw prime meat, raw meat, hide, berries, or chitin. It is extremely efficient at collecting raw prime meat, raw meat, and fiber. If you need a dinosaur to passively collect these, I definitely recommend the Dire Bear.

The Dire Bear is a great travel mount. It has very fast speeds, (faster than both the Procoptodon, and the Gallimimus) with tons of stamina. You can travel very long distances in half the time of a normal mount while carrying as much as you could possibly want to. The Dire Bear also has a passive ability which is called insulation. When you are standing next to a Dire Bear, it will provide you with 35 hypothermic and hyperthermic insulation. The Dire Bear will always cuddle up with you at nights when you are at a camp fire, similar to what a Dire Wolf does.

Dossier Information

Wild: Found primarily among the Island’s mountain and tundra regions, Arctodus Dirus is an imposing creature. Like most of the creatures that inhabit this island’s colder areas, it is a mammal, and this particular mammal is either at or near the top of that region’s food chain.

Domesticated: Once tamed, the Direbear is a strong and reliable mount. It can carry vast quantities of goods, and can sprint for extremely long, nearly infinite periods. It is not the fastest creature from a hard stop, but after building up momentum, its sustained overland speed builds to among the best on the Island. Of course, being able to feed a Direbear both meat and plantlife makes keeping one fairly convenient regardless of the environment.

Known Information: Many on the Island have started calling it a Direbear, a name which is appropriate both due to its enormity and its territorial nature. The Direbear ignores most non-hostile creatures while going about its daily routine of scavenging for meat and edible plantlife… … That is, until intruders enter the territory it considers its own, at which point it viciously attacks. Most often, it is smartest to just run from an angry Direbear.