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Dodo Dossier

Dossier Dodo

Common Name: Dodo

Group: Birds

Species: Raphus Replicare

Time: Late Holocene

Diet: Herbivore

Temperament: Oblivious

Tamable: Yes

Rideable: No

The Dodo is the chicken of Ark. They basically wander around with no real rhyme or reason to what they are doing. They have really poor movement speed, making them really easy to hunt and kill. For most players, this is one of the first dinosaurs they kill, and for good reason. They give a good amount of experience for lower level players, and provide a good source of meat and eggs. If attacked, a Dodo will run away, along with any Dodos in the area. The only scenario in which a Dodo will attack is if their eggs are being taken. Dodos can be most commonly found along beaches or near open plains or rivers. Dodos drop raw meat and hide. This is a very easy way for new players to gather some resources.

Taming Dodos is really easy. At level 50, it only takes 1 tranquilizer dart to knock out a Dodo. You can also easily knock them out with a sling shot. This makes Dodos the perfect beginner dinosaur and gives players a really good taste of the game at a low level. Dodos do have some use when you are higher level. I have encountered tribes that set up huge Dodo farms as they produce a massive amount of Eggs. In real life, Dodos actually lived on an island where they had no predators, so they would have no idea how to react to a hunter in the wild. Dodos are good companions for carrying some of your extra weight when you are a low level and starting out. Dodos can be found anywhere on the map, but most commonly in the southeast part of the island.

Dodos are actually one of the most versatile in color dinosaurs in Ark. They range in color from a dark green to a light pink. Some people actually collect the different varieties of the bird and show them off as a trophy of sorts. I definitely recommend hunting some Dodos if you are newer to the game, and if you are more of a seasoned player, try starting a Dodo farm. You will definitely benefit from all of the eggs that they lay.

Wild: Wild: Raphus replicare (more commonly known as the Dodo Bird) is quite possibly the dumbest creature I’ve ever seen in my life. It wanders around the beaches of the island, eating berries off bushes and being eaten by all manner of carnivore. Without the Dodo the whole Island’s food chain would disintegrate.

Domesticated: There is almost no reason to domesticate a Raphus replicare. It cannot carry enough to be a beast of burden, it does not provide much food, and it’s too stupid to show companionship. I suppose it could work as a last-ditch food source, though.

Known Information: This subspecies of the Dodo has developed an unbelievably clever way to sustain itself: they mate constantly. I’m fairly convinced that they reach full maturity within a week of being born. This is the only trait keeping them populous on the island.