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Eurypterid Dino Dossier

Eurypterid Dossier

Common Name: Eurypterid

Group: Invertebrates

Species: Jaekelopterus Euryperus

Time: Silurian

Diet: Carnivore

Temperament: Aggressive

Tamable: No

Rideable: No

The Eurypterid is only found at the bottom of the oceans. It moves relatively slowly underwater and is very quiet. They usually spawn in groups of about 4, so be cautious as there can be a lot in an isolated area. A Eurypterid is usually a sign that the player is near coral and seaweed. Whenever a player invades their territory, a Eurypterid will immediately become aggressive towards the player. They are usually found when tribes are hunting for Silica Pearls.

Be cautious as the Eurypterid can poison the player with its bite and knock them out. Being knocked out under the water usually calls for death, unless you have some teammates with you to help you out. Killing a Eurypterid will yield Raw Meat, Chitin, Silica Pearls, Black Pearls, and Oil. The Black Pearl is a new item that can only be dropped by the Eurypterid and is used to craft the Broth of Enlightenment. This concoction can be used to increase the experience you gain, so hunting the Eurypterid for the Black Pearls are a great use of your time.

The Eurypterid can be most commonly found at the depths of any ocean in the game. As long as you are going deep, you are likely to find a group of them. Be sure to look carefully, as they usually are great at disguising themselves.

Eurypterid 1

Trying to hunt a Eurypterid can be a tricky experience. Despite their remarkably small size, they can do a significant amount of damage if you are by yourself. They usually spawn in groups, and will swarm the attacker and poison them, sometimes resulting in knocking the player out. When trying to hunt them, the first step is to find them. They can hide themselves on the bottom of the ocean amongst the seaweed and coral, so if you see these, they are likely indicators that Eurypterid are near by.

The best way to go about killing them once you have them, is to have a powerful sea mount such as a Megalodon or Dunkleosteus which have powerful attacks and would take a lot to knock out. If you do not have such a mount, I recommend using the crossbow as it can fire under water and you can use it to distance yourself from the creature. They have extremely low health so killing them is a relatively easy task if you have a powerful mount.

I definitely recommend trying to farm them as they provide a lot of resources that the player can utilize to grow their base and become a more powerful tribe. If you are lacking Chitin or Pearls, a hunting trip for Eurypterid is a great idea as they provide a lot of resources and appear in groups, so you will get a lot out of a single hunting trip.

The Eurypterid is most closely related to the modern day Horseshoe Crab despite what the dossier says. In real life, the Eurypterid was the largest known arthropod, which grew to lengths of up to 8 feet. Another interesting fact is that in real life, the Eurypterid did not have a stinger but was very poisonous. They would bait predators into biting their tail end which would release a cloud of toxins which would paralyze their enemy and allow the Eurypterid to flee. 

Wild: Found only in the deepest depths of the waters around the island, Eurypterids are dangerous and adaptable Arthropods. As likely to hunt as they are to scavenge, a Eurypterid rarely has difficulty finding food to keep itself nourished, even at the bottom of the ocean.

Domesticated: While Eurypterid are not intelligent enough to be tamed, this doesn’t mean they are without utility for tribes. They are a wonderful source of Chitin, and their digestive tract often contain Silica Pearls. They sometimes even have incredibly rare Black Pearls used for manufacturing mysterious technologies, making them among the most valuable creatures on the island.

Known Information: A Eurypterid’s threat does not come directly from its raw strength. Instead, it combines a hard defensive exoskeleton with debilitating poison to powerful effect. The sting of a Eurypterid increases torpor while reducing stamina, quickly rendering its opponent unable to defend itself.