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ARK Fishing Guide

Fishing is a great resource to take advantage of in ARK. The Fishing Rod is not only for catching fish, but you can also catch all sorts of unique and rare items. Fishing is a fun thing to do to try and get lucky with some new resources, or to just relax and have a fun time with some of your friends.

Before we can get started on where and the best ways to go about fishing, you’ll need to get the basics down. The first thing we’ll need is obviously a fishing rod. A fishing rod requires level 18 in order to craft, and costs 15 Engram Points to unlock. In order to craft one, you will need 12 wood, 50 fiber, and 20 thatch.

In addition to needing a fishing rod, you will also need a wooden chair, wooden bench, or a Pelagornis that is in the water. The Wooden Chair is perhaps the easiest to craft and make, as it requires to least amount of resources. You can craft the Wooden Chair at level 19, and it costs 6 Engram Points to unlock. The Wooden Chair simply requires 30 wood, 18 thatch, and 14 fiber to craft.


The last basic item you will need is bait. The bait will determine which kind of fish you will be able to catch. The most basic of bait is Sap. Sap is used to catch only Coelacanth. The next bait tier is Leech Blood. Leech Blood allows you to catch Coelacanth, Sabertooth Salmon, and Piranha. Leech Blood is found by killing Leech, Deathworms, or Lamprey.

The last kind of bait available is Giant Bee Honey. This is used to catch larger fish, and has the best chance at catching rarer items. Giant Bee Honey is found in Bee Hives that are formed when you tame a Giant Bee. You can also find honey in the wild from wild bee hives, however, you can only loot beehives once every 15 minutes.


Alright now that we have all of the items, you will want to find a body of water where you can clearly see fish below the surface. You equip your bait by dragging the bait onto the fishing rod, and then sitting your character in the chair where you are facing the body of water. You can then use the fishing rod from your hotbar, and aim it at the water to use it.

If you are using Leech Blood, the average time that you will wait from putting your fishing rod in the water to catching a fish is about 30 seconds. Once you have a bite, you will notice that keys will start to pop up randomly on your screen. You must successfully press all of the keys that pop up within the time frame in order to catch it. If you are playing on PC, the keys that are randomly chosen come from Q, W, E, A, S, D, Z, X and C. It will always be a set of random keys from that pool. One little tip is that the larger the fish you are catching, the more keys you will need to press.

Once you correctly hit the buttons as they appear, the fish will disappear and the items will go into your inventory. You will typically receive either Raw Fish Meat, or Raw Prime Fish Meat, but you also have the chance to catch a ton of other items. These special items range from high quality armor such as SCUBA or Riot gear, to higher quality weapons such as Assault Rifles or Longneck Rifles.

You can also fish up different kinds of Saddles such as Mosasaur Platform Saddles, and Wooly Rhino Saddles. As you progress through the game, you will be able to find higher quality fishing rods, which reveal a lot higher quality items like Rocket Launchers and higher tier Saddles.

There are a number of lucky spots that I have found, but no one spot has the chance to give higher quality items than either. Typically, the best fishing spots on public servers are the ones where nobody is nearby to come and kill you while you are fishing. So my best advice to the fishermen of ARK is to find a spot that is isolated from the rest of the server so you can fish in peace.

However, if you want my personal anecdote, the best spot that I have personally found is in the Redwoods or the hidden lake. Obviously, this is just from my own experience, but really any body of water or lake has the chance to drop the same items as every other body of water.