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  1. 89yoyos added a post in a topic Stuck Rex in Cave   

    Completed (Finally :P)
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  2. 89yoyos added a post in a topic Where them Dossiers at though?!   

    Here we go, the two we were missing are now up. My apologies on being behind, school just started back up, and, between moving and classes, I haven't had a ton of time on my hands.
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  3. 89yoyos added a post in a topic ARKaholic blocked by Virgin Media in the UK   

    Huh... thats strange. I don't really know what we can do about it though...... I'll google it a bit and see if there's anything I can find out. Thanks for the heads up!
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  4. 89yoyos added a post in a topic Fix the taming speend   

    The taming is already at half speed. How low do you want it to go?
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  5. 89yoyos added a topic in ARKaholic Character Transfers   

    Same Character on All Servers?
    So, I had an idea for a server app that would, if it worked, allow any save file on any of our servers to be available on all of our servers. I was curious how you guys would feel about this? Would you like to be able to join any of our servers and use the same character, or do you like having multiple saves on different servers?
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  6. 89yoyos added a post in a topic ARkaholic News - Multiple Posts   

    Aaaaand now you can filter the dossiers by different features of the animals. Wanna see skittish herbivores from the cretaceous period? Boom: http://arkaholic.com/dino-dossiers/?dino_filter=cretaceous.skittish.herbivore.any
    Or, maybe you just want a list of the animals you can ride. That's here: http://arkaholic.com/dino-dossiers/?dino_filter=any.any.any.rideable
    I got it set up so it's stupid easy to add new features, so I'ma keep looking into better ways to distinguish between the animals.
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  7. 89yoyos added a topic in ARKaholic.com S3   

    Should we Decrease S3 Taming Times?
    Should we decrease S3's taming times?
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  8. 89yoyos added a post in a topic Taming times   

    Lemme start a poll for this
    EDIT: Here's that poll: http://arkaholic.com/forums/topic/631-should-we-decrease-s3-taming-times/
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  9. 89yoyos added a post in a topic [Completed] character transfer   

    We cannot transfer your characters from an official server since we don't have access to them - sorry. ARKaholic is a fan-run community and not affiliated with the devs in any way. This subforum is for transferring characters between the various ARKaholic-run servers.
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  10. 89yoyos added a post in a topic ARkaholic News - Multiple Posts   

    Thanks. Just fixed the page numbers at the bottom so the match the native wordpress ones, and now it won't throw an infinite redirect loop error in certain circumstances where wordpress didn't return any results. Now I'm working on adding a way to filter/sort the dossiers.
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  11. 89yoyos added a topic in ARKaholic News   

    ARkaholic News - Multiple Posts
    Sorry we fell behind a bit you guys. I just caught us up to date with everything. The posts I added are as follows:
    ARK Patch Notes (195.x): http://arkh.lc/p/1450
    Tusoteuthis Vampyrus - 8/10/15 Dino Dossier: http://arkh.lc/p/1351
    ARK Patch Notes for v195.x http://arkh.lc/p/1448 
    ARK Patch Notes for v194.x http://arkh.lc/p/1446 
    Giganotosaurus Furiosa - 8/8/15 Dino Dossier http://arkh.lc/p/1349
    We've been pretty busy lately and fell behind by a bit Sorry! With this, we should be back up to date.
    In other news, we also published a Dino Dossiers page! Now you can see all the dino dossiers in one place!: http://arkaholic.com/dino-dossiers/ 
    That page may be a bit buggy - I had to write much (most?) of it myself, since wordpress didn't support what I wanted it to do naively. So, if you experience any problems, or it's lacking something you think'd be useful, just let us know, and I can look in to adding it.
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  12. 89yoyos added a post in a topic [Completed] Character Transfer Request - "Arctic"   

    Transferred Successfully
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  13. 89yoyos added a post in a topic [Completed] Character Transfer Request - "Arctic"   

    Sorry its taken so long. Mackey usually handles these, but he's been sick the last few days. I only just now saw it, but I'ma hop on this nao. I've added you on steam. Send me a message when you get on next just to prove you own the steam account you've listed, then I'll transfer.
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  14. 89yoyos added a post in a topic [Completed] Character Transfer Request - "Andante"   

    Sorry it took so long. Your character has been transferred. Note: Once your character goes on one of our multiplier servers, we will not transfer it back to a normal difficulty server (to prevent speed leveling for trolling on vanilla servers). Since I didn't tell you before I transferred it, I've kept a copy of your character file from before the transfer in case you change your mind. If not, let me know and I'll mark this thread as completed.
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  15. 89yoyos added a topic in Arkh.lc 10x PvP Server   

    [Closed] Server 4 Difficulty Poll
    What difficulty should the server be set to?
    Question: What does raising the difficulty do?
    Answer: Raising the difficulty of the server would allow for the wild dinosaur to have higher level spawn and increase the chance of getting rare gear (ascendant) at the cost of harder dinos.
    Basically it is the highest level gear you can get for weapons, armor, mount saddles, etc. It has increased stats on the item and and cost more to create. (You'll usually find blueprints on how to make ascendant gear)
    DECISION: Server will be bumped up to 3x difficulty right now, and once 4x difficulty is available in future patches we will switch to that.
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