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  1. Bearen added a post in a topic Location/Latency   

    All right, I will jump in at some point.
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  2. Bearen added a topic in PvE   

    I just added the server and I assume it is located in USA or similar place far away from North Europe, since through Steam I have a latency of 159ms, even with a 259/250 mbit fiber connection. I am curios, will you guys allow me to play there, since I will probably have a high ping, well I havent tried yet, so I dont know if there will be any troubles yet.
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  3. Bearen added a post in a topic Can you PLEASE make Ark STOP Fing with my sound   

    When it does that, just tab out and move the audio slider up for TS again in the audio settings, it happens for me as well - this is how I fix it (you'll have to do it every time you play).
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  4. Bearen added a post in a topic Clear design in inventory   

    When in inventory, press Q and notice the change.
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  5. Bearen added a post in a topic Funny Dane, or just weird..   

    Thank you, it is - at times
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  6. Bearen added a post in a topic PvP or PvE preference?   

    I prefer PVE because I enjoy building and creating a story, but PVP can be fun, if its like village vs village or similar. 1 vs 1, is often happening when random person at level 25 decides to wreck havoc upon newbies, its a good way to be alone on a server Im sure.
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  7. Bearen added a topic in Introductions   

    Funny Dane, or just weird..
    Hey everyone,
    Im a silly dane who enjoys having fun, like everybody else, beers, metal and building a wooden house, while getting eaten by anything with teeths, what could be better?
    Im 38 and work as a graphics designer in real life, in a studio I have started with 2 good friends, about 10 years ago. So I wont be online 24/7, thats for sure.
    My system, if needed:
    Intel i5 2500K
    Asus P67 Sabertooth
    Intel SSD 530 @120 GB (System Drive)
    Intel SSD 530 @240 GB (Game Drive)
    WD HDD @2 TB (Data Drive)
    32 GB Corsair Vengeance @ 1800
    Asus Nvidia GTX 970
    250/250 Mbit Quad Fiber
    Generic Mouse, Keyboard & 22" BENQ Monitor
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