1. Kjersti

    Som en ny bruker på gratis casino du kan få mest bonuser med engang for registrering.

  2. Ace

    As stated in 185.0 "* Eliminated issue where large amounts of structures could cause client disconnection or bandwidth starvation (mega lag)" Let's see what it does for S1

  3. Ace

    Waiting for 180.0 To be released within the next hour

  4. Specialist Yashi

    So my tribe Fed me over and killed my dino's and kicked me from the tribe locking me in my own house after asking them who stole my stuff for the third time! im quitting ARK!

    1. Bearen

      Join a PVE server instead.

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    2. Danissl

      Or just play single player? 

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  5. Bearen

    I want to build a large house, thats what I want to do!

  6. Specialist Yashi

    well i just found out ALL AMD users got the short end of the straw and wont be able to play the game for a good month+ if where lucky :/

  7. Coolkid

    Why was whistling and snapping your fingers such a big thing when people are kids? Does being able to do those mean that you're some higher being?? I can't whistle very good and I can't snap my fingers. What if alien planets had a hierarchical system of being able to snap and whistle? I feel bad for people who couldn't.

  8. RamboCarlton

    Just a few more hours!

  9. Specialist Yashi

    3 more days till ARK is our in EU and 4 more days till USA!

  10. flixlix10


    Soon we shall raid the island of the ARK and cause the extinction of it's population!


  11. Ranger sam

    One word, hype.

    1. flixlix10


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  12. Ashfur

    There's not been a day that I've not looked at this game and its features, since I found out about it  :|

  13. Ashfur

    Help please want to play ARK, don't want to wait, ksadfkasd

  14. Snorled

    I think I have turned into a grammar nazi, even though my grammar isn't 100%

  15. Snorled

    One exam done. 3 more exams and 2 more big tests left!

  16. RamboCarlton

    After "intense" research of A:SE, I'll mostly likely buy it upon release! :D

  17. Sensi

    2 June ! 2 June ....-_-

    1. flixlix10

      Patience, young arkaholic!

      (I FEEL YOUR PAIN!!!)

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  18. flixlix10

    Still....waiting...musn't sleep....must stay awake....MUST...GET...ON...ALPHA...ASAP!

  19. Kruemmel

    Waiting on Ark. Can't wait anymore, pls let us play :D 

    1. flixlix10

      I feel your pain bruh.

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  20. Sensi

    You see, in this world there's two kinds of people, my friend: Those with the key and those who dig. We dig...¬¬

    1. Specialist Yashi


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  21. Meetch

    Please. Stop it! I'm begging you...
    -My F5 Button

  22. flixlix10

    I've been standing in front of my computer for 28 hours straight, waiting for the alpha email...

    And I'm still waiting...

    Some might say I'm mad...

    But you know what I say?..

    Patience is a virtue.


    1. MrMackeyMKayyy

      #AlphaWaitHype :P

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  23. MrMackeyMKayyy

    Looking forward to today's ARK Digest!

  24. Sensi

    so horny !!! <3 Soon in ARK :x

    1. flixlix10


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    2. Specialist Yashi

      no comment

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  25. Kruemmel

    I lost my dodo! If someone finds him, his name is "Herbert", please call me. I don't know where he is...