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? – 7/24/15 Dino Dossier (with Analysis)

Today, Friday, July 24th, the ARK dev team dropped a new “dossier.” However. breaking their usual pattern of informing their audience of upcoming critters and their uses, this new one has left us with more questions than answers. Check it out below:

Dossier Unknown

No information accompanied this dossier, and it was entitled simply “Dossier: ???” Though ambiguous, there are a bevy of symbols on the image which could lend insight into the creature.

First, it is clearly related to a gorilla. However, on the bottom right rests an image comparing the height to that of a human and making it clear that this is many times larger. They are at different angles, so it isn’t exact, but measuring them both reveals the animal to be a little over 5x as tall as the male human. Assuming this is an average human male (and that the average height in this game isn’t different), he should be about 1.77m tall (about 5’10”). This makes the gorilla 8.85m tall, or an astounding 29ft.

Second, there are strands of DNA displayed on all sides of the ape. This, we feel, indicates that the gorilla was genetically mutated. And we even have some science to back that up. An animal like the one pictured could not naturally exist on an earth-like planet, or any planet with a reasonable amount of gravity. The reason is one recognized as far back as Galileo: The volume-surface area ratio.

As the volume increased, the mass would balloon to match. The ability of the bones to support this weight, however, would not nearly grow as quickly. In all likelihood, the gorilla would crush all of it’s bones under the enormous weight of the rest of it’s body. To quote Galileo, a large increase in height “can be accomplished only by employing a material which is harder and stronger than usual, or by enlarging the size of the bones, thus changing their shape until the form and appearance of the animals suggests a monstrosity.”

Since it is clear the physical appearance of the animal is unchanged, the only way it could exist is with stronger bones than naturally exist. The genes for such high-strength bones would, thus, need to be engineered and then spliced into the genes of a gorilla in order to create a super-sized one.

Third, the overall style of the dossier mimics that of the broodmother. That, plus the creature’s size, makes it pretty clear that it is intended to serve as the game’s second boss.

Finally, there are alien glyphs encircling the top and bottom of gorilla. The text of both is exactly the same, merely flipped vertically. It also appears to be identical to the text (if you can call it that) found on the Broodmother’s dossier. These symbols, at least to us here at ARKaholic, were indecipherable. However, this still add some information to the story. The other dossiers, as I’m sure you are all aware, were written in english. This indicates that this dossier was written not by our our people, or even by someone in the same civilization, but rather an outside, unknown civilization of some form.

So, what do you guys think? Did we miss anything in the dossier? Did we screw something up? Let us know in the comments below or on the forums!

(Information on the ratio between volume and surface area, and it’s impact on evolution, is from the physics department of the University of Virginia)