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Gallimimus Dino Dossier

Gallimimus Dossier

Common Name: Gallimimus

Group: Dinosaurs

Species: Gallimimus evolvelox

Time: Late Cretaceous

Diet: Herbivore

Temperament: Skittish

Tamable: Yes

Rideable: Yes

The Gallimimus is a large dinosaur that resembles an ostrich type animal. The Gallimimus is a herbivore, meaning that it only eats vegetables. The Gallimimus has a lean body with a long tail that allows it to sprint at high rates of speed. Killing a Gallimimus will yield Raw Meat and Hide. They are a decent source of Raw Meat as they are relatively easy to kill at low levels and can be found in abundance. You can find the Gallimimus in the southern regions of the island. Due to its skittish nature, the Gallimimus will often run away when confronted by an enemy.

A Gallimimus can be tamed and ridden. Riding a Gallimimus requires a Gallimimus Saddle. This is a special saddle as it has 3 seats, which means that up to 3 of your friends can ride on the Gallimimus at one time. The people riding on the saddle can use weapons, making the Gallimimus a powerful tank. A Gallimimus Saddle can be crafted in a Smithy by combining 240 Hide, 160 Fiber, 120 Wood, and 25 Metal Ingot. The Saddle requires level 50 and a total of 20 Engram Points to unlock.

The Gallimimus can be picked up with a Quetzal, so you can use this to your advantage when trying to tame it. The easiest way of taming it is to lift it up and drop it into a small room with windows that it cannot escape from. You can then use whatever weapon you choose to knock it out. If you do not have access to this, you will have to chase the Gallimimus as it is skittish.

The Gallimimus has low health, so it is recommended that you use a weapon that will inflict a high amount of torpor such as tranquilizer weapons. Aiming for the head will deal the maximum amount of torpor, but this will deal significantly less damage. Be sure to not shoot too many shots in succession as it is extremely easy to accidentally kill the Gallimimus. Be careful as the Gallimimus is extremely fast and can run away if you take your eyes off of it.

Gallimimus 1

At level 50, it would take 8 tranquilizer darts, 19 tranquilizer arrows, or 68 hits with a slingshot to knock a Gallimimus out. The preferred kibble is that which comes from a Dimetrodon Egg. If you use this kibble, it would only take 18 units for a total taming time of 28:47. If you do not have this available to you, you can use vegetables such as Citronal, Longrass, Rockarrot, or Savoroot. Using these vegetables will take 174 units and a total taming time of 2:19:12.

The Gallimimus has a lot of use value and is definitely worth adding to your dinosaur arsenal. First of all, the Gallimimus is definitely the fastest land creature in the game thus far. This means that it can cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time. You can use this to your advantage by scouting out new areas, or checking in your rival tribe to see what they are up to.

With the Gallimimus you will not have to worry about anyone catching up to you as you have the advantage. Another great thing about the Gallimimus is the fact that you have the ability to carry 3 people with the Gallimimus Saddle. This means that you can infiltrate an enemy tribe on a Gallimimus with 3 people on it all yielding weapons. This means that the Gallimimus is a tank of sorts. I definitely recommend utilizing this with people on the Saddle who have guns when trying to take down someone.

The Gallimimus also blends in well with the foliage on the island, meaning that you can easily sneak up on an enemy, unlike any flying or gigantic mounts which stick out like a sore thumb. Overall, the Gallimimus is one of the most useful dinosaurs to be added into the game thus far, if you have the resources and time, I definitely recommend trying to find one and tame it immediately.

Wild: When someone asks me what the fastest creatures on the island are, Gallimimus is always a contender. Unlike the island’s many armored animals, Gallimimus eschews strong defenses for the ability to outrun pretty much anything.

Domesticated: There are two general camps on the use of tamed Gallimimus. One camp thinks that their inability to actually harm hostile creatures, and their inability to harvest most resources, makes them primarily a burden to the tribe. The other camp thinks that their extreme speed and ability to jump long distances is among the best for scouting and exploring… or just making a quick getaway!

Known Information: A skittish herbivore, Gallimimus even looks nervous when eating in a peaceful clear meadow. Having no real way to harm predators, it simply runs away and uses its ability to stay safe. I’ve even seen wild Gallimimus outrun speed-trained Utahraptors!