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How to Get Electricity in ARK Survival – Weapons, Tools & Electronics

So after having survived the trials of time and have built yourself a pretty good base, you are ready to start enjoying the finer things that Ark Survival has to offer. The next thing needed to start enjoying your time on the island is some electricity. Electricity is one of the newer features in the game, but it is thriving and extremely popular.

Getting to enjoy the luxury of electricity takes a lot of preparation and a lot of time before you can kick back, relax, and get yourself some air conditioning. This guide will be the complete guide on electricity.

The first thing I would recommend stocking up on is some Lazarus Chowder. Lazarus Chowder can be created in a cooking pot and by adding water, 9x cooked meat, 5x savoroot, 5x longrass, 10x mejoberry, and 2x narcotic. Lazarus Chowder slows the rate at which your oxygen depletes by 15% and gives the user a small amount of stamina regeneration. Eating one portion of the chowder will last 10 minutes.

The reason chowder is needed is because the main thing needed to use and harness electricity is oil, and the only place that oil can be found is in the deep depths of the ocean. I also recommend getting a good water mount such as the Megalodon. When diving in the depths to gather oil, three or four Megalodons can come at you at once, so having your own with a lot of health and damage is necessary. I recommend searching in the depths in the underwater caves.

Oil can be identified by the black trails that are floating up from black rocks. When you spot one of those trails, go on over to the rock and use your pick axe to harvest the oil. Oil is the key component in the Fabricator, which is needed for any electrical component. Oil can also be used to make gasoline by putting it into a refinery.

Gasoline is used to power the fabricator. The other item needed from the depths of the ocean are Silica Pearls. Pearls are found at the bottom of the ocean and can be spotted easily by the sparking of their shells. They are usually in groups of about 5 and can harvest them with your bare hands.

Not only are oil and pearls needed, but a bunch of metals are also needed to get yourself on the power grid. The first metal that is needed is just raw metal. Metal can be found from rocks that have yellow streaks in them or from all gold rocks. You need a lot of metal for all of the recipes that are associated with electricity.

Obsidian is also needed and can be found by mountains or inside of caves. The last thing that should be obtained prior to starting your power grid are crystals. Crystals are needed for different things that must be crafted.

The first thing that must be created is what is called Electronics. Electronics require 3 Silica Pearls and 1 Metal Ingot to be made. They have a required level of 40 and need 6 engram points to make.

You must craft electronics in a fabricator. A fabricator is needed to create any electronic recipe. Once you have the Electronics crafted you can now craft a wide assortment of items. I will list the items and their recipes and what they do.

Electronic Tools in ARK Survival

GPS – 5x Polymer, and 20x Electronics. A GPS will tell you your location on the island and the exact latitude and longitude. This will also tell you what direction you are facing (north, south, east, or west).

Heavy Miner’s Helmet – 30x Electronics, 20x Metal Ingot, 14x Polymer, 30x Crystal, 15x Hide, and 9x Fiber. The miner’s helmet has more armor than any other helmet in the game and provides a light source that will follow where you are looking. The light cannot be turned off and will not run out of batteries.

Remote Keypad – 2x Metal Ingot, 1x Cementing Paste, and 25x Electronics. A remote keypad is used to control multiple objects that use a PIN code. You can activate all doors on one keypad, or all lights on one keypad for example.

Transponder Node – 3x Metal Ingot, 12x Cementing Paste, 14x Electronics, 10x Polymer, and 12x Crystals. A transponder node can be attached to a character or dinosaur and track their position. This can be put on both tamed and untamed dinosaurs.

Transponder Tracker – 20x Metal Ingot, 30x Cementing Paste, 80x Electronics, 50x Polymer, and 25x Crystal. The transponder tracker can be used to track anything that has a transponder node attached to it.

ARK Survival Electronic Devices

Air Conditioner – 80x Metal Ingot, 15x Eletronics, 5x Polymer, and 15x Crystals. The air conditioner will increase your overall resistance to overheating by 100 when in the vicinity of the air conditioner.

Electrical Generator – 25x Metal Ingot, and 10x Electronics. An electrical generator is used to create electricity which is then transferred to any cables nearby. It is powered using gasoline and 1 unit of gasoline will power the generator for one hour.


Electrical Outlet – 5x Metal Ingot, 15x Wood, and 3x Electronics. An electrical outlet is used as an outlet for an electrical grid. It can be connected to a generator via cables and provide power to any devices within the vicinity that use electricity.

Lamppost – 5x Metal Ingot, 10x Crystal, and 2x Electronics. A lamppost provides a source of light that must be connected to an electrical grid.

Omnidirectional Lamppost – 5x Metal Ingot, 10x Crystal, and 2x Electronics. This is the same as a lamppost, except it directs light in 3 different directions.

Refrigerator – 120x Metal Ingot, 15x Polymer, 25x Crystal, and 10x Electronics. A refrigerator will increase the time in which foods can last before they spoil. A refrigerator must be connected to an electrical generator and can hold up to 48 items. Items in the refrigerator will last 100x longer than a player’s inventory. Click here for a list of all perishable foods and their spoiling time depending upon what they are kept in.

Straight Electrical Cable – 2x Metal Ingot. Crafted at fabricated. This will transmit power in a straight line across any flat surface.

Electronic Weapon Attachments

Flashlight Attachment – 40x Metal Ingot, 40x Crystal, and 10x Electronics. The flashlight attachment can be put onto a weapon (simple pistol, longneck rifle, fabricated pistol, assault rifle, pump action shotgun) which will give you a light at the end of your barrel.

Holo-Scope Attachment – 40x Metal Ingot, 40x Crystal, and 30x Electronics. The scope allows players to see a further distane while aiming down a sight. It will add a crosshair to aim. This can only be attached to the assault rifle and the pump action shotgun.


Laser Attachment – 50x Metal Ingot, 60x Crystal, 40x Electronics. It has the same supported weapons as the flashlight attachment. This adds a laser dot at what you are aiming at instead of a light.


Auto Turret – 70x Electronics, 140x Metal Ingot, 50x Cementing Paste, and 20x Polymer. This turret is a turret that will automatically target and fire on dinosaurs that are untamed or enemy players. This is a really good defense against people raiding your house. It uses Advanced Rifle Bullets and can be set to 3 different ranges (Low – 15 Meters, Medium – 45 Meters, Long – 60 Meters).

C4 Charge – 75x Gunpowder, 25x Crystal, 5x Cementing Paste, 50x Fiber, 5x Hide, 10x Polymer, 5x Electronics. This is an explosive that will stick to whatever it is placed on. It can be placed on players, creatures, or structures such as other player’s buildings or trees. Must be detonated using a remote detonator.


C4 Remote Detonator – 20x Polymer, 50x Electronics, 10x Crystal, 10x Metal Ingot, and 15x Cementing Paste. Detonates a C4 explosive.

ARK Survival Power Grid Tips Guide

Now that you know all of the materials you’ll need in order to get your power grid running, here are some tips and things that I have experienced when starting up a power grid for the first time.

You’ll need to craft the electrical generator first, along with as many electrical cables you’ll need to power the area. It’s good to plan out where everything will be and what you will need so that the fabricator will not use an inefficient amount of gasoline.

One you have all the materials built, it’s important to start by placing the generator. The location of the generator is not too extremely important as the cables will connect all of the pieces to it. I recommend placing it somewhere inside so that it will not be broken down by attacking players, but somewhere out of your way.

Once you have placed the generator it is time to start connecting cables to it. You can connect 3 different lines to the generator. Once you have the cable where you want it, attach an outlet to the end of the cable. You will then see a change in color of the cable indicating that the item near the outlet is being powered.

Once you have everything right where you want it and in place, I recommend getting some gasoline and pouring it into the generator. As stated above, one unit of gasoline will last about an hour. The electrical outlet has an electrical field of about 4 small crop plots. As of right now, there is no limit on how much a generator can power, so one generator will power as much or as little as you want it to without using any extra gasoline.

I also recommend making sure that you keep extra gasoline at the ready as you will need to supply the generator with gasoline even if you are offline. You do not want all of your foods to spoil.