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Kaprosuchus Dossier

Kaprosuchus dossier

Common Name: Kaprosuchus

Group: Reptiles

Species: Kaprosuchus paludentium

Time Period: Cretaceous

Diet: Carnivore

Temperament: Aggressive

Tamable: Yes

Rideable: Yes

Breedable: Yes

The Kaprosuchus is the smaller sister to the Sarcosuchus. They are known to swim around in the swampy regions of the island and attack their prey by dragging them down into the waters. They can be found in the swampy areas of both the island and the scorched earth map. Be careful when going through any swampy areas on foot, as the Kaprosuchus usually hide and will become aggressive towards you if you step too closely.

If you notice when coming towards you, you should definitely be careful because if they lunge at you and grab you, you will more than likely die because it will drag you down and drain your stamina.  You will know you are encountering a Kaprosuchus and not its look alike due to its long legs and fang like teeth. Killing a Kaprosuchus will yield Hide and Raw Meat. There is also a thirty percent change to drop a special loot crate!

If you have your own server, you can spawn a Kaprosuchus of your own by entering the following in the console: admincheat summon Kaprosuchus_Character_BP_C

When you are trying to knock one out, it is helpful to know that a Kaprosuchus can be picked up by the following dinosaurs: Argentavis, Megalosaurus, Tusoteuthis, Quetzal, and Wyvern. You can also immbolize a Kaprosuchus by using a bola, bear trap, large bear trap, or a plant species Y trap. These will all paralyze the creature making it much easier to knock out and tame. If you are challenging a level thirty one, you will need 23 hits with a slingshot, 7 tranquilizer arrows, or 3 tranquilizer darts to knock it out.


Once it is knocked out, you can feed it kibble, raw prime meat, cooked prime meat, or raw prime fish in order to properly tame it. You will need 6 quantities of kibble, or 15 units of arw prime meat. It takes about 12 minutes to tame one if you are using the first two food sources, otherwise it can take upwards of thirty minutes.

Once you have one tamed, there is a lot to know about what the Kaprosuchus can do. It has the ability to carry any creature with a drag weight of 100 or less. It can pick up many aquatic creatures such as: Cnidaria, Eurypterid, Piranha, Trilobite, Coelacanth, Manta, Sabretooth Salmon, or Ichthy.

It also has the ability to pick up some ground dinosaurs such as: Achatina, Araneo, Archaeopteryx, Dodos, Compy, Dilophosaur, Diplocaulus, Dung Beetles, Humans, Jerboa, Jug Bug, Kairuku, Leech, Lystrosaurus, Meganeura, Mesopithecus, Moschops, Oviraptor, Pachy, Pegomastax, Raptor, Titanmyrmra, Troodon, Vultures and Dimoropdons.

You can use this knowledge of who it can pick up to make it one of the best taming mounts in the game. You can easily run up to an unsuspecting creature and pick them up before they even notice you and draw them away to a place that you can safely tame them. Kaprosuchus are also great cave explorers. Its secondary attack is a leap attack, which allows you to explore caves with an ease.

I definitely recommend having one of these guys on your team if you want to fish as well. It is extremely efficient at fishing because it can dive into the waters and kill many of the smaller mounts. Lastly, if you are a pvp intensive tribe, the Kaprosuchus is great for you. It can actually pick players up off of their mounts and allow you to kill him and effectively immobilize that mount.

Lastly, when you set this guy to wander, it can farm raw fish meat and raw meat at a decently efficient pace. I would say that if you are in need of raw fish meat, then have one of these guys wandering around and gathering it for you as it can be a great way to gain these resources without too much effort. It has great weight and I have found that leaving them to go overnight has been a great way to wake up to well over a hundred units of fish meat.

Dossier Information

Wild: A smaller relative of the Sarcosuchus, Kaprosuchus Paludentium is a water-based carnivore primarily found lurking among the island’s swamps. A naturally fast runner that is even faster in the water, it is a solitary hunter that picks off small-to-medium creatures, especially those isolated from their packs.

Domesticated:  Survivors are generally split about the usefulness of Kaprosuchus. Some love its speed both in and out of the water, essentially making it among the fastest small-sized all-terrain mounts when traveling through the wetlands. Others do not like how relatively frail Kaprosuchus is, and do not think its high speed and damaging attacks make up for this shortcoming.

Known Information: When attacking, Kaprosuchus uses two main tactics. First, it patiently waits below the water surface and when the target is sufficiently close by, will perform a lateral jump that it uses to quickly close distance with its prey and drag it underwater. Secondly, its attacks target the prey’s vital areas specifically to drain its stamina. These two techniques effectively prevent most creatures from escaping Kaprosuchus once an assault has begun