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Mammoth Dossier


Common Name: Mammoth

Group: Mammals

Species: Mammuthus steincaput

Time: Early Pliocene

Diet: Herbivore

Temperament: Docile

Tamable: Yes

Rideable: Yes

Mammoths are one of the largest mammals in Ark Survival Evolved. Due to their size, they are slow, making them easier to hunt than faster dinosaurs. They live in the cold regions of the island. They can be primarily found in the northwest area on the island. Mammoths are the only dinosaur in the game that can gather wood for you.

Be wary when trying to take down a Mammoth as they are pack animals, meaning they often travel together. If one mammoth is attacked, soon, all nearby Mammoths will come charging and start to help them by attacking you. If you decide you cannot handle a Mammoth, you can avoid them by running away, they will not chase after you after a certain distance.  Killing a Mammoth can reap a lot of rewards as they drop a lot of meat and other items.  Mammoths can drop Raw Meat, Raw Prime Meat, Keratin, Hide, and Pelt. Knocking out a Mammoth can be a difficult feat.

I recommend kiting it as they are really slow. At level 50, it would take 8 tranquilizer darts to take down a Mammoth, so be prepared to bring a lot of resources when trying to tame one. Another thing to be noted is that since you will be in the cold environment, the weather will slowly drain your life, so when trying to tame a Mammoth, remember to bring some extra food so that you will not die due to the weather and the damage from the Mammoth itself. If you can kite them out of the snowy area into the warmer jungle, that is the best strategy as you do not have to worry about the added pressure from the other Mammoths and the damage from the cold weather.

When tamed, Mammoths are excellent for gathering wood. They are actually one of the only dinosaurs in the game that can gather wood at an effective speed. They are also useful for their health. They are excellent tanks when trying to tank down another dinosaur, or enter an enemy base. Mammoths can also carry a lot of items, so they are perfect to utilize when trying to move bases. Mammoths can be mounted using a Mammoth Saddle. A Mammoth saddle is unlocked at level 40 and costs 18 Engram Points. When trying to keep a Mammoth in your base, be cautious that they require a Behemoth Gateway as they can walk through a gap that is three foundations wide, but not two. So housing this large dinosaur will require you to be level 55 and cost you 28 Engram Points.

Interestingly enough, a wild Mammoth can be picked up by a Quetzal.

Wild: Seeing the likes of Mammuthus steincaput alongside dinosaurs is still strange

Domesticated: Mammuthus steincaput is a difficult beast to domesticate. Not because they are inherently stubborn, but because knocking one out to begin the taming process takes forever. Once tamed, however, Mammoths are one of the only creatures on the island that can uproot trees without shattering them.

Known Information: This behemoth towers over most creatures on the island, and does not seem to fear anything but the Tyrannosaurus. Mammoths generally thrive in colder areas and have a herd mentality. I’m honestly not certain how the herds of Mammoths find enough plant life to graze on some of the islands mountains. They must spend much of their time traveling between the mountains’ cold summit and more lush base. Or maybe the Mammoth herd are the main reason the summits are so barren.