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Manta Dossier

manta dossier

Common Name: Manta

Group: Fish

Species: Manta mobula

Time Period: Holocene

Diet: Carnivore

Temperament: Defensive

Tamable: Yes

Rideable: Yes

Breedable: No

The Manta is an extremely aggressive creature. If you find yourself even near one of these creatures, know that it will become aggressive towards you and attack you. You will usually find Mantas in groups as they like to travel together. Mantas are found commonly in any of the waters of the island and are quite abundant. Killing one will yield Raw Fish Meat and they can be carried by Kaprosuchus, Megalosaurus, and Tusteuthis. Note that if you want to ride one you will need a Manta Saddle which requires level 30 to unlock and use.

If you have your own server and would like to spawn one, enter the following into the console: admincheat summon Manta_Character_BP_C

How to Tame the Manta

When you decide its time that you would like to tame one of these aquatic beasts, know that you’ll need a lot of Angler Gel. You can find Angler Gel by killing either Anglers or Deathworms. You tame the Manta passively which means that you do not have to knock it out in order to tame it. The one thing that you’ll notice when trying to tame one of these is that it is extremely aggressive so taming it can be a bit difficult.

The best method I can recommend for taming one of these guys is to apply bug repellant to yourself. Once you do that, they will be less likely to be attacked by a Manta unless you bump into it head on. You can then put on some swimming gear and approach the Manta and begin the feeding process. Note that if you are trying to tame a level 30 Manta, you will need 24 Angler Gel and the Manta has a feeding time of 30 seconds, so you will spend about 13 minutes until the tame is complete.

Another method is to lure the Menta near you by swimming near it on an aquatic mount. You can then feed it when it approaches you and get onto your mount to draw the agro to your pet. Once the Manta is done feeding, get off the mount and feed it again. You can tame one without a mount, but it requires you luring it close enough to land that you can stand on a rock and tame it by avoiding its stings.


Once you have a Manta on your team, you’ll find it provides you with a decent amount of utility. You will be able to mount the Manta which is one of its biggest benefits. Similar to how a submarine has a telescope, when you approach the surface, you can see what is above ground without fully exposing yourself. You can easily scout out what your enemies are doing nearby. The Manta is not a mount I would bring into an underwater battle, but if you do find yourself with one on your side, your best bet is to duck in and out of the fight and sting the enemies in an attempt to knock them off of their mounts.

The Manta has one of the highest base speeds in the game, so having one will allow you to get around underwater with ease. This can make exploring new areas great as you won’t have to get around super slowly, but you can easily scout out an area and return to tell your friends about what you have found. I recommend leveling up speed so you can become the ultimate scouter!

For those interested, mantas in real life actually lack stingers and never attack any other sea creature! Mantas also have the largest brain relative to the size of its body. If you read the dossier closely, it mentions “a quick jab through the heart” which might be a reference to Steve Irwin, the famed television wildlife host who was killed by one of these gentle giants.

Dossier Information

Wild: Here is another example of a creature that seems to have evolved beyond its historical traits. Everything points to this being a saltwater ray, but Manta Mobula has developed the ability to swim into the island´s rivers and shallows, as well as through the open ocean. Perhaps there were originally two types of ray on the island before, but years of interbreeding combined their lineage.

Domesticated: While not the fastest swimmer around the island, Manta Mobula is the deadliest of small ocean mounts, and can be ridden bare-back. Tribes who value striking power over speed often keep large schools of Manta to ride. Its capability to briefly leap out of water provides it a showy tactic for avoiding combat as well. A quick jab through the heart onto an unsuspecting survivor can easily take them by surprise. Thusly, many tribes use it as an escort for their slower cargo-carrying swimmers.

Known Information: Normally docile, the Manta Mobula is a carnivore only in that it consumes Plankton. Its tail is incredibly sharp, and can pierce through thick hide and armor with ease. Fortunately, Manta Mobula is usually not aggressive, unless encroached.