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Megaloceros Dino Dossier


Common Name: Megaloceros

Group: Mammals

Species: Megaloceros Latuscoronam

Time: Pliocene

Diet: Herbivore

Temperament: Skittish

Tamable: Yes

Rideable: Yes

The Megaloceros is a passive creature, meaning that when attacked it will run away. So taming a Megaloceros is a real challenge. The easiest way to tame one if you have the resources is to pick it up with an Argentavis and put it into a box with windows and shoot arrows at it until it is knocked out. This will prevent the dinosaur from escaping. The female Megaloceros is the fastest running creature in all of Ark, so this cheesy strategy is one of the most efficient.

If you do not have the resources to do that, then I suggest having a few dinosaurs around to chase and tank the damage for you. At level 50, you will need 3 tranquilizer darts or 29 slingshot shots to the head to knock them out. The only difficulty you will have when trying to knock them out is their speed. They will instantly run away so be prepared to chase and keep attacking them.

Megaloceros are perfect for gathering thatch. They can easily gather 1000 thatch in a quick run through the woods. If you choose to kill a Megaloceros it will yield Raw Meat, Hide, Keratin, and Pelt. They are most commonly found in the northwest area on the island. They are mountable, they require a Megaloceros Saddle which you need level 30 to unlock. A Megaloceros Saddle will cost you 20 Engram Points and require a lot of resources. It is definitely worth it for the speed that they provide you.

Megaloceros are great for scouting. Being the fastest dinosaur in the game, the female Megaloceros can easily scout out an area for potential tribes or new dinosaurs. Not only does it have the best movement speed, it can also carry a lot of resources. One of the down sides to using the female Megaloceros is that it cannot attack, only the males can attack. This is because the males have the horns and the females do not. The male’s surprisingly do a lot of damage. What they lack in the speed from the female, they definitely make up for in speed. In the dossier is a bleeding effect, this has not yet been implemented into the game, but people speculate that it will be added soon. It is anyone’s guess what this bleeding effect will be, but I think that it will be from cuts or bullets that will require a bandage in order to fix.

Wild: Megaloceros Latuscoronam is a very skittish herbivore, found mostly in the forests and mountains of the island. Because of its large size, its fraught demeanor would be strange in any other place. But Megaloceros knows how fierce the predators of the island are, and knows that it is safer to flee from them than to risk its life in a fight.

Domesticated: Megaloceros is a jack-of-all-trades creature, and many who ride it value its versatility. It is decently powerful, and its resilience, speed, and ability to jump often come in handy. Finally, its charging horn attack tends to cause targets to “bleed”, decreasing their health, stamina, and speed until healed!

Known Information: The horns of Megaloceros are very large, and make for an excellent source of Keratin. This, of course, makes it a valuable resource. Unfortunately, hunting Megaloceros is not easy because of their quick speed and ability to bound over most obstacles.