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Morellatops Dossier

Morellatops dossier

Common Name: Morellatops

Group: Dinosaurs

Species: Morellatops drromdarius

Time Period: Cretaceous

Diet: Herbivore

Temperament: Passive

Tamable: Yes

Rideable: Yes

Breedable: Yes

The Morellatops is a very passive creature that will turn defensive if another dinosaur becomes too close. It can definitely hold its own as they usually travel in packs. If they are traveling in a pack, they will all continue to attack and fight until they are all dead. The Morellatops can most commonly be found in the high desert region of the scorched earth map.

The Morellatops is tamed by knocking it out and prefers kibble that comes from a Vulture Egg. You can ride one with a level fifteen Morellatops Saddle. Killing one will yield a small bit of experience plus the chance to drop hide and raw meat. It produces small sized feces and has a carrying weight of about 300. This means that only the Quetzal, Wyvern, and the Tosoteuthis can carry it. It is immobilized by a chain bola trap, or a large bear trap. The Morellatops has the ability to damage both thatch and wood structures, so I do not advise building your base anywhere near them when you are getting started out. You can breed the Morellatops by incubating its egg in a room that is between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius.

If you are the admin of a server, you can spawn a Morellatops by entering the following into the console: admincheat summon Camelsaurus_Character_BP_C


How to Tame, Ride & Breed a Morellatops

When you have decided that you wish to tame one of these guys, the easiest way to knock it out is to try and isolate one on its own. This way you will not have to deal with the pack and end up fighting three or even four of them. If you can isolate one, you can then choose to either create a box around it to trap it in, or just back it up towards a wall or corner so that it cannot escape. Once you have it trapped, it should be a relatively easy creature to knock out. To knock out a level thirty one, you will need to hit it with a slingshot 36 times, tranquilizer arrow ten times, or a tranquilizer dart four times.

Once it is knocked out, you can feed it kibble that comes from a Vulture Eggs for the most efficient tame. This tame will take about twelve minutes with the kibble. If you do not have the kibble, you will have to use vegetables. Using vegetables is not ideal because it will take about an hour from start to finish to completely tame it. Not only that, it will take almost one hundred vegetables and narcotics on top of that, which can be a waste of some valuable early game resources.

Once you have one tamed, you now have your very own mobile water tank. This can be very valuable, especially given the fact that you’re in the desert. The Morellatops has the ability which allows it to store about 750 units of water. You can put water inside by collecting cacti using the Morellatops or from having it drink from water sources. If you put a waterskin for example in the dinos inventory, when you take it out, it will be completely filled up. This is an amazingly unique aspect that no other creature currently has, and can really be useful if you are in an area that does not have easy access to a lot of water.

The next advantage you gain when taming a Morellatops is that it can gather both berries and thatch at an extremely efficient pace. Since it is a relatively easy tame for early game, you can easily get a head start on some of the neighboring tribes by getting a lot of early resources. In addition to being a good collector, the Morellatops is also a really fast mount. Since you can ride it at only level fifteen, this makes it one of the best early game mounts because it is so quick. Lastly, the Morellatops is a great all around war mount. It has decently high health, speed, and can carry a ton of resources, which makes it a great dinosaur to have if you want to get started warring with another tribe. I definitely think that this is a mount that every desert tribe should consider picking up because it can do everything that a tribe needs from it.

Interestingly, this is one of the only dinosaurs in the game that is not based off of a real life animal. The Morellatops is completely fictional and was made up by the developers. The dossier suggest that it is supposed to resemble a camel, but when you look at it, you might not get that vibe from it. It also might be worth noting that a Morellatops cannot fit through any dinosaur gateway when the gate is present, but if the gate is not installed, then it can fit through.

Dossier Information

Wild: Morellatops dromedarius seems to be a relative of both the Morelladon and Ceratops genuses, which in itself is rather strange. On top of that, it has developed to ability to store water in its humps like a camel. This makes it a critical part of the desert’s food chain, as it provides predators with both food and hydration.

Domesticated: When survivors discovered how to tap into the water in Morellatops humps without harming it, the docile creature became the desert’s essential pack animal. Not only can it carry a good amount of weight, but it can provide survivors with a large, mobile water source that can mean the difference between life and death on any given journey.

Known Information: Morellatops has limited options when it comes to self defense, so I would not recommend taking one into combat. However, so long as survivors don’t forget to let Morellatops stop by a well every now and then, they will find the creature an invaluable companion.