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Moschops Dossier

moschops dossier

Common Name: Moschops

Group: Synapsids

Species: Moschops cibumutante

Time Period: Permian

Diet: Omnivore

Temperament: Cowardly

Tamable: Yes

Rideable: No

Breedable: Yes

The Moschops is a very friendly creature that will not bat an eye at a passing person or creature. The only instance in which one of these guys will attack you is if it sees you taking its eggs. If you hit one of them, it will simply run away and try to hide from you. The Moschops is not an actual dinosaur, but a mammal. It can be found almost anywhere on the island, but most commonly in the southern regions.

You can also find it in the canyon area on the Scorched Earth map. Killing a Moschops will yield raw meat and hide, and you can immobilize one by using a bola, bear trap, or a Plant Species Y. The Moschops will yield small feces size and has a drag weight of 95, meaning certain creatures on the island have the ability to pick it up.

If you have a server you can enter the following string into the console to spawn one immediately: admicheat summon Moschops_Character_BP_C


How to Tame a Moschops

You can tame a Moschops both by knocking it out, or peacefully by feeding it some of its favorite foods. This tame is unique though that it will ask for certain foods and you must provide it with the food that it wants or the taming meter will not go up. The foods you will need to have are: Sap, leech blood, organic polymer, rare flower, rare mushroom, raw prime meat, and raw prime fish meat. It can take anywhere from three to five cycles to completely tame it depending upon how lucky you get. On average, it will take about 30 minutes to tame it if you get an average amount of luck.

I definitely recommend building a little pen and carrying it to that pen so you can tame it without having to worry about it running away. The following creatures can all pick up the Moschops and bring it safely to anything on construct: Kaprosuchus, Megalosaurus, Argentavis, Quetzal, Wyvern, and Tusoteuthis.

Once you have one on your team, there is a number of different things that you can do with it that are unique. It will automatically harvest berries and seeds at an extremely efficient pace if you get it to wander. In addition to this, whenever you level it up, you will be prompted with the ability to apply “harvesting levels” which will give the Moschops an increased chance to gather rare materials.

The materials that the Moschops can gather as follows: leech blood, organic polymer, rare flower, rare mushroom, raw prime meat, and sap. I definitely recommend spending your points to upgrade this mechanic as it will be extremely helpful. You can gather a ton of material without having to do almost any work. This creature will definitely pay for itself at least five times over after having it for only a day or two on your team.

How to Breed a Moschops

Note that if you want to breed some of these creatures, you will need to have the egg in an area that is between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius. The total breeding time will be between a day and two. I definitely think it’s worth it to breed up some of these guys as you can easily amass a huge army of these gathering machines and almost never have to worry about gathering these resources again.

Despite not being able to ride one now, there have been some allusions in some other dossiers that perhaps some day we will get saddles to ride these guys. I cannot imagine this being an extremely useful feature, but it would be cool to go on adventures with your Moschops. Interestingly, in real life, the Moschops was an herbivore and would have lived in the dense forest regions on the earth.

Dossier Information

Wild: Moschops cibumutante in the wild is a lethargic, cowardly creature that primarily lives in the forests of the island, primarily making its home among the great redwoods of the West. It survives by being extremely flexible in its eating habits and completely averse to fighting. It never starves, since it can eat just about anything. Moschops runs at the slightest provocation, but is still often preyed upon.

Domesticated: What makes Moschops particularly interesting is what it can be trained to do with its eating habits. With a versatile palate and tough teeth, Moschops can be tamed for a unique ability: over time it can be taught exactly which things to gnaw, increasing the likelihood of harvesting that exact resource which its master desires. For example, teach it to prioritize chewing Prime Meat, and Prime Meat will be easier to harvest from the flesh it consumes. Likewise for rare plants materials, and so forth!

Known Information: Just don’t expect Moschops to protect you, though. Even after taming, it will quickly flee when enemies are nearby. Regardless of being fed well, increasing its strength, or how much affection you shower on it — Moschops retains its inherent cowardly nature!