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News From the Front

Good afternoon, ARKaholics! We have some exciting news to bring to you today. Jat, the community manager for the game, posted a new thread today introducing himself and giving some details into what we are to expect in the near future of ARK: Survival Evolved. Jat will be an active member of the ARK team that will be handling all of their social media and keeping in touch with the rest of the community. On top of this, they announced their intentions to release more information on the state of the game on a regular basis: 3 “Dino Dossiers” per week, plus a “ARK Digest” that will be a compilation of new information directly from the creators of the game. These releases start tomorrow, and will continue every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

If you missed the original Dino Dossiers, check them out below!

In regards to the Alpha, he mentioned that the team would begin rolling out alpha access to the selected members sometime next week so we can “get [our] first glimpse of Ark and help [them] in creating [something] truly great!” Though it is a limited rollout for the time being, it shouldn’t be too long a wait if you do not get accepted into the alpha. After all, June is just around the corner.

If you wish to read the release in full, here is the link to the original post by Jat: Steam Forums Thread

Dino Dossiers

Now, for those Dino Dossiers. Shoutout to the people at Reverb Triple XP for the Press Kit! Definitely helps out a lot.






They just released this new one today: