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Pachyrhinosaurus Dossier

pachyrhinosaurus dossier

Common Name: Pachyrhinosaurus

Group: Dinosaurs

Species: Pachyrhinosaurus mitisaura

Time Period: Cretaceous

Diet: Herbivore

Temperament: Evasive

Tamable: Yes

Rideable: Yes

Breedable: Yes

The Pachyrhinosaurus is not to be confused with the pachy! This beast is a big peaceful herbivore that will not attack you unless it catches you stealing some of its eggs. It will basically ignore you at all costs so taming this guy can be relatively easy. The Pachyrhinosaurus is closely related to the Triceratops, but you will be able to distinguish between the two because of the growth that the Pachyrhino has on its head.

The Pachyrhinosaurus can be found almost anywhere on the island, but is most commonly found in the southern regions. Killing this beast will yield hide, keratin, raw meat, and a decent amount of experience. If you are trying to immobilize one, you will need a chain bola trap, large bear trap, or a Plant Species Y Trap. The Pachyrhinosaurus can be picked up only by the Tusoteuthis, Quetzal, and Wyvern. You will need a Pachyrhinosaurus Saddle which requires level 25 if you wish to ride it.

If you have your own server, you can enter the following string into the admin console to spawn one of them instantly: admincheat summon Pachyrhino_Character_BP_C


How to Tame the Pachyrhinosaurus

The easiest way to go about knocking one of these guys out is to hit it with a long range weapon like a tranquilizer crossbow and run back as to avoid its attacks. Be very cautious when fighting one of these guys as when they are attacked, they release a special kind of toxin in the air that will make other nearby dinosaurs aggressive towards you. Aiming for the head will deal additional damage to it, so be sure to aim for the head.

If you are encountering a level 30 Pachyrhinosaurus, you will need to hit it with a sling shot 28 times, 8 times with a tranquilizer arrow, or 4 times with tranquilizer darts. Once it is knocked out, it highly prefers to eat bug repellant over vegetables, so be sure to have a stock pile of this. At level 30, it will take 25 units of bug repellant with 50 narcotics for a total taming time of about ten minutes. It has a very odd dietary choice, so when you are choosing to go for a tame on one of these guys, be sure you know that you need to have bug repellant if you wish to tame it quickly. If you have a stock pile of vegetables, you can feed it 122 vegetables for a taming time of well over an hour.

Once you have one tamed, you will soon see it can do a lot of good for your tribe. The first most obvious thing you will notice is that its default saddle can carry two players on it. This is great because you can carry more people without having to invest in super in depth saddles. The Pachyrhinosaurus  is the perfect transport dinosaur as it has an extremely high base weight so you can travel distances and carry all of your goods. It can also avoid hostile dinosaurs, so if you wish to safely move across the terrain, you can definitely do so with this dino. I recommend leveling up speed and stamina if you wish to use it as a transport vehicle.

The next thing the Pachyrhinosaurus has that is super unique, is the fact that it is a great support dinosaur. If you press right click while riding it, it will excrete a special scent that will make you invisible to all hyper aggressive dinosaurs. This will allow you to travel safely without having to worry about being ambushed by larger dinos. It can also expel a rage endusing toxin that can make almost any dinosaur attack you, which can be useful if you are trying to get a usual passive creature to attack you to make it easier to tame them. You can achieve this affect by pressing C while riding it.

I definitely recommend gathering up some bug repellent and finding your local Pachy and taming it immediately! It provides a ton of unique aspects that any tribe needs if they wish to be able to move their base without the hassle of encountering tons of aggressive dinos.

Dossier Information

Wild: Pachyrhinosaurus mitisaura is a medium-sized herbivore, found almost everywhere but the island’s mountains. It is generally calm, and ignores all other nearby creatures unless it is attacked, at which point it usually tries to flee.

Domesticated: Pachyrhinosaurus is an excellent starting mount for anyone new to taming. It is fairly easy to train, can carry enough to be a simple pack-animal, and is not as deadly as some of the larger herbivores. Additionally, Pachyrhinosaurus can release its unique chemical on command to protect itself and its rider from nearby predators, or draw attention if desired, making it a potential life saver

Known Information: Of the island’s varied creatures, Pachyrhinosaurus may possess among the most unique survival skills. When threatened, its massive nasal boss releases a chemical into the air that calms other nearby creatures, making them less likely to attack it. Affected creatures are sometimes hungry enough to ignore the effect and humans seem immune to it. Conversely, it can seemingly invert this phenomenon at will and induce creatures to become more aggressive towards it!