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Popular FAQs Answered

Hello fellow ARKaholics! Tonight we are bringing you some popular questions asked by the ARK community and have been answered by the developers. We will also be adding these to our websites ARK FAQ page so everything will be in…

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First ARK Digest Released

Hello fellow ARKaholics! We are excited as ARK has posted the first of their weekly ARK Digest. The ARK Digest is a weekly update from the ARK team that announces new features, answers three questions provided by the community in…

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News From the Front

Good afternoon, ARKaholics! We have some exciting news to bring to you today. Jat, the community manager for the game, posted a new thread today introducing himself and giving some details into what we are to expect in the near…

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ARKaholic Forums are LIVE!

We decided to go ahead and get a license for IP Board and get our forums system up and running. Feel free to visit it, create an account, and meet us at ARKaholic and other fans of ARK! There has…

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