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Diplodocus dossier

Diplodocus Dossier

Common Name: Diplodocus Group: Dinosaurs Species: Diplodocus insulaprincep Time Period: Jurassic Diet: Herbivore Temperament: Naïve Tamable: Yes Rideable: Yes Breedable: Yes The Diplodocus is one of the friendliest creatures on the island. Having a very playful manner, the Diplodocus has…

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Diplocaulus dossier

Diplocaulus Dossier

Common Name: Diplocaulus Group: Amphibians Species: Diplocaulus natatorinutrix Time Period: Permian Diet: Piscivore Temperament: Skittish Tamable: Yes Rideable: Yes Breedable: No Due to its skittish nature, the Diplocaulus will run as soon as it senses any sort of danger. This…

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cnidaria dossier

Cnidaria Dossier

Common Name: Cnidaria Group: Invertebrates Species: Cnidaria omnimorph Time Period: Cambrian Diet: Carnivore Temperament: Passive Tamable: No Rideable: No Breedable: No The Cnidaria is an extremely aggressive that will attack a person on sight. It attacks by stinging the player…

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Chalicotherium dossier

Chalicotherium Dossier

Common Name: Chalicotherium Group: Mammals Species: Chalicotherium obsidioequus Time Period: Early Pliocene Diet: Herbivore Temperament: Territorial Tamable: Yes Rideable: Yes Breedable: Yes The Chalicotherium is an extremely terrirotial creature, so be cautious that when you approach it, it will most…

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Arthopluera dossier

Arthropluera Dossier

Common Name: Arthropluera Group: Invertebrates Species: Athropluera Felsanguis Time Period: Early Permian Diet: Carrion Temperament: Aggressive Tamable: Yes Rideable: Yes Breedable: No Found in the southern regions of the island, the Arthropluera is an extremely aggressive creature. When you approach…

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Archaeopteryx dossier

Archaeopteryx Dossier

Common Name: Archaeopteryx Group: Birds Species: Archaeopteryx Magnamlivum Time Period: Late Jurassic Diet: Carnivore Temperament: Fearful Tamable: Yes Rideable: No Breedable: Yes The Archaeopteryx lives in the center of the island, where the Carnos and other deadly animals live. If…

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Allosaurus Dino Dossier

Common Name: Allosaurus Group: Dinosaurs Species: Allosaurus Therotribus Time Period: Late Jurassic Diet: Carnivore Temperament: Aggressively Social Tamable: Yes Rideable: Yes Breedable: Yes Allosaurus are known for being extremely aggressive dinosaurs. They will be aggressive against anything that it encounters,…

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ARK Breeding Guide & Breed Times

Breeding is a feature that is being introduced into ARK and constantly being improved upon. Breeding is a feature that allows players to breed creatures using Fertilized Eggs. Sucessfully breeding a creature will provide you with a baby dinosaur that…

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Eurypterid Dossier

Eurypterid Dino Dossier

Common Name: Eurypterid Group: Invertebrates Species: Jaekelopterus Euryperus Time: Silurian Diet: Carnivore Temperament: Aggressive Tamable: No Rideable: No The Eurypterid is only found at the bottom of the oceans. It moves relatively slowly underwater and is very quiet. They usually…

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Woolly Rhino Dossier

Woolly Rhino Dino Dossier

Common Name: Woolly Rhino Group: Mammals Species: Coelodonta utiliserro Time: Late Pliocene Diet: Herbivore Temperament: Friendly Tamable: Yes Rideable: Yes The Woolly Rhino is neither aggressive, nor a pacifist. They will attack you only if you attack them first, and…

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