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Phiomia Dino Dossier


Common Name: Phiomia

Group: Mammals

Species: Phiomia ignavus

Time: Late Eocene – Early Oligocene

Diet: Herbivore

Temperament: Skittish

Tamable: Yes

Rideable: Yes

The Phiomia is a pig like creature that will run away from any creature when it is attacked. They are available all throughout the island, but mainly in the southern region. The Phiomia can easily out run a new player without any points into movement speed, the Phiomia will continue to run until it feels it is a safe enough distance away.

Killing a Phiomia will yield a lot of Raw Meat, and a decent amount of Hide. Phiomias can be ridden a require a Phiomia Saddle to ride. The Phiomia Saddle requires level 5 to use and costs 6 Engram Points. This low level saddle in combination with a few other roles that they possess, make the Phiomia a perfect dinosaur companion for beginning players.

Knocking out a Phiomia can be an annoying task. Since it will always run away when it is attacked, it is best to try and corner it. Once they are trapped, they are relatively easy to knock out with a slingshot to the head. Be careful though as they are super easy to accidentally kill. At level 50, they only take 11 tranquilizer arrows to bring down. If you encounter a lower leveled one, they can take as little as 12 slingshots to bring down.

Phiomia Screenshot

Once they are knocked out, they do not have a kibble of choice, but instead enjoy vegetables. A level 50 Phiomia would require 263 vegetables with a total taming time of 35:04. That is relatively short in comparison to other dinosaurs of the same level. Phiomias often live in small groups, so if you encounter one, odds are you will encounter a few others.

Phiomia are perfect companions for beginning players due to their excellent carrying capacity for their level. Having access to riding one at level 5 makes them great for a beginning dinosaur. Not only are they good for that, but they produce the most medium dinosaur feces. This makes them a perfect tool for fertilizing berries and other crops you may have. I definitely recommend having a few of these in your arsenal if you plan on having a farm as the fertilizer they provide is unlike any other. Force feeding them Stimberries will cause them to produce a large amount of fertilizer.

They also have one of the highest Torpor in the game, meaning they can easily serve as a tank in the beginning stages of the game. Using this pig to distract the likes of scorpions or spiders makes them a great tool for taming other dinosaurs and progressing your tribe. Phiomia also have the ability to gather thatch and wood at an okay rate. Set one to wander and it will traverse and gather these resources for you. This can be great for players that are just starting out and need these resources. Phiomia are definitely a must have for any wannabe farmer or up and coming adventurer who wants a great friend to carry their stuff for them!

Wild: Phiomia ignavus is another herd animal on the island. They are small enough that almost any predator can bring them down, but large enough to provide plenty of meat.

Domesticated: While it is completely possible to ride a Phiomia around, they are a meager choice. They work very well, however, as pack-mules. And I’ve seen some communities keeping a herd of these around as livestock. The Phiomia require protection though, as they are terrible fighters.

Known Information: Were it not for the protection of the herd, and their instinct to run from any predator, these would almost certainly be hunted to extinction. A Phiomia’s tusks and trunk make it especially suited to scavenging plant life from the ground. It uses its tusks to dig up loose plant life, then uses its stubby trunk to scoop the foliage into its mouth. Adult Phiomia often dig up food for their young, and watching a baby Phiomia attempt to use its trunk can be quite amusing.