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Procoptodon (Kangaroo) Dino Dossier

Procoptodon Dossier

Common Name: Procoptodon

Group: Mammals

Species: Procoptodon vivencurrus

Time: Plestiocene

Diet: Herbivore

Temperament: Reactive

Tamable: Yes

Rideable: Yes

The Procoptodon, otherwise known as the Kangaroo was added to the Ark family on December 31. This Kangaroo is a really interesting creature and adds a lot to the game. The Procoptodon has a reactive nature and will roam peacefully, but once it is confronted or attacked, it will instantly run away. Procoptodons are somewhat rare on the island and can be found in the northern regions of the island.

The Procoptodon can be ridden by using a Procoptodon Saddle. This Saddle requires level 50 to unlock and costs 35 Engram Points. To craft this Saddle, combine 500 hide, 150 pelt, 200 fiber, and 70 metal ingot in a Smithy. Killing a Procoptodon will yield a decent amount of Raw Meat, and a small amount of hide. The Procoptodon is really quick and can get away from danger in an instant so be sure to have your running shoes on!

The Procoptodon will only eat rare mushrooms and Plant Species X Seeds. Due to this unusual diet, I suggest players stock up on these resources so that they can have their own Kangaroo. At level 50, it would take 117 rare mushrooms for a total taming time of 1:52:30. To knock one out at this level, it takes 12 tranquilizer arrows, or 45 hits with a sling shot. Keep in mind when trying to tame one of them that the Procoptodon can be picked up with a Quetzal or an Argentavis. Since the Procoptodon will flee as soon as it is attacked, you need to attack it and start to run after it. I suggest having a fast mount with a lot of damage to easily knock one out.

Once tamed, the Procoptodon provides the user with a lot of utility. First of all, they are the first creature in the game to feature a pouch which can carry another tribe member. This is extremely useful if you need to get away with a friend in a sticky situation. The Procoptodon has high speed and stamina, and can keep up with some of the fastest creatures in the game. The Procoptodon also has the ability to jump relatively high. This makes the Procoptodon the perfect candidate for invading neighboring tribes and catching them off guard.

Procoptodon Screenshot

The Procoptodon is also useful to chase dinosaurs that you are trying to tame. Since one person can “drive” and another person can ride in the pouch, the Procoptodon is perfect for two man missions. One thing to keep in mind is that the person riding in the pouch does not need a saddle. This can be used to your advantage by setting the mount to follow another dinosaur or tribe member, and then ride in the pouch despite not having a saddle for the main spot. The Procoptodon can also be used to transport people to new locations.

It can essentially carry double that of a normal dinosaur, so that makes it that much more effective at transporting. Lastly, the Procoptodon is useful at collecting resources. Well, the Procoptodon itself cannot collect resources, but the person in the pouch can collect resources and the rider can scout the area for any threats and the two people can easily escape if the situation gets hairy.

The Procoptodon is the first marsupial that has been introduced into the game. The developers have hinted at other creatures of the same type to be added, but nothing official has been announced. The Procoptodon can actually hop both backwards and forwards, something that a real life Kangaroo cannot do. The Procoptodon is one of the most unique creatures in the game due to its unique ability to carry players in its pouch like a baby Kangaroo. Another interesting fact about the Procoptodon is that the person in the pouch actually gains +169 to cold resistance which makes it useful in cold areas!

Wild: The first marsupial I’ve encountered on the island is the Procoptodon vivencurrus. Standing nearly three meters tall, it is also the largest jumping creature I’ve ever heard of. It is a fairly peaceful herbivore that only fiercely attacks if aggressed upon.

Domesticated: Procoptodon’s dry pouch makes it an excellent beast of burden that can carry far more than other creatures of its size. But more importantly, many tribes use it as a two-seater transport by having a secondary rider nest in the pouch. Since this passenger doesn’t have to worry about controlling the Procoptodon, the pouch-warrior can focus on firing his or her weapons.

Known Information:  One of Procoptodon’s most unique features is its pouch. Unlike many pouched marsupials, Procoptodon’s pouch is relatively dry, and has little in the way of sticky or oily fluids. I assume this is good for the joey, but I have not figured out exactly why yet…