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Raptor Dino Dossier


Common Name: Raptor

Group: Dinosaurs

Species: Utahraptor prime

Time: Early Cretaceous

Diet: Carnivore

Temperament: Aggressive

Tamable: Yes

Rideable: Yes

The Raptor has an extremely aggressive nature, meaning it will attack both dinosaurs and humans on sight. Raptors often attack in groups and have been known to take down the toughest of foes. The Raptor is most commonly found on the southern most region on the island. Be wary when traveling along in the dark in this region as Raptors will use this element of surprise to their advantage and ambush a player from all sides which will most likely lead to death.

Raptors will produce Raptor Eggs which can be hatched into babies or made into kibble. The kibble from Raptors is used for taming Mammoths. A Raptor Saddle is unlocked at level 15 and requires 9 Engram Points. A Raptor Saddle costs 110 hide, 65 fiber, and 20 wood to craft. Due to its low expense and low level requirement, the Raptor Saddle is perfect for new players to get a taste of riding one of their first dinosaurs. The Raptor is a perfect starting dinosaur as it is extremely fast and has a large amount of damage. Killing a Raptor will yield Raw Meat and Hide.

Taming a Raptor can be difficult due to their pack mentality. I suggest trying to lure one away or killing off any other Raptors that might be near the one you wish to tame. Take note of how the Raptor attacks, it will often attack and run away and repeat this process. I recommend using tranquilizer arrows for a quick and easy tame. Raptors prefer kibble that comes from a Parasaur Egg. Using this kibble will take 11 units and take a total taming time of 14:40. If you do not have this kibble, using Raw Prime Meat will cost you 28 meat, and a total time of 23:21.

Raptor Screenshot

Although using the kibble does not decrease the time by that much, it is definitely worth it as it will save you a lot of Narcoberries and any time from any potential ambushes. For the same level Raptor, it will take 8 tranquilizer arrows, or 30 hits with a sling shot to take one down. Shooting them in the head will cause them to take a substantial increase in damage and take less arrows.

Once tamed, Raptors offer the user with a lot of utility. They have a high amount of damage for lower level users and can easily hunt and attack other dinosaurs. This can be used to farm resources effectively and save you a lot of time. The Raptor can hunt down other dinosaurs for you and farm Raw Prime Meat and Raw Meat effectively. You can also utilize the Raptor’s speed for long distance traveling. Keep in mind that Raptors cannot hold that much weight, so make sure to pack light when scouting our new areas.

As you level up other creatures will fill the role of the Raptor, such as the Sabertooth or wolf, but many people still keep these Raptors around as pets to keep them company while hunting. Raptors can also be mated and produce a lot of eggs if you keep two in the same environment. Raptors will also gain a pack boost if you keep a few of them together. This can be used to increase their damage and take down bigger dinosaurs and help you with taming others.

Keep in mind while fighting creatures that inflict torpor that the Raptor has an extremely low Torpor, making them extremely easy to knock out. Raptors are definitely worth taming and investing time into if you are a newer user looking to bond with a dinosaur that will last you for a long time and provide you with a lot of utility.

Wild: Utahraptor prime is an incredibly aggressive species of Utahraptor found on the island. It tends to travel in small hunting packs, attacking smaller prey with its sharp teeth or enlarged foreclaws.

Domesticated: Despite its normally aggressive nature, Utahraptor has become one of the main mounts for roaming bands of raiders, as well as scouts for the larger collectives. Those who ride Utahraptor claim they are difficult to tame, but fiercely loyal once they are. As a carnivore, once tamed they require a steady stream of meat to sustain.

Known Information: One of the faster creatures on the island, Utahraptor often uses hit-and-run tactics against larger opponents. The large curved talon on the second toe of this sub-species seems particularly suited for attacking while jumping. Utahraptor prime usually kill their prey with numerous slashing and leaping attacks in rapid sequence.