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Scorched Earth Map


The Scorched Earth Map was released on September 1st, 2016 and was released for $20. It would be released a couple months later for the PlayStation 4. In a nutshell, the Scorched Earth map adds 11 new creatures, 50 new items, a new boss, and an entire new map for people to explore and conquer. Anything that is tamed and any items that you create, can be brought over to the regular Island Map and used by people that have not bought the expansion. You can also spawn in any item with an admin command, regardless if you have bought the map or not.

The Scorched Earth Map takes a little bit of a twist on the Island. Instead of being surrounded by water, there is nothing but sand and heat. The further you go from the central area in the desert, the more difficult the creatures become. There are very few natural water resources, so it is important to preserve the water that you do find. With this desert map, you can actually get too hot and suffer from heat stroke. You can find natural water resources such as cacti, Jug Bugs, and natural water wells.


The Map is essentially broken down into 8 different regions. We’ll go through each region and see what is unique to each.

Bad Lands


The Bad Lands region on the map is noted for having low amounts of vegetation, no natural water supplies, but an extreme amount of metal resources. You can only find an Oil Vein in the Bad Lands area, which makes it a well contested area on high populated areas.

In this region, you will commonly see Jeraboa, Morellatops, Pegomastax, and Terror Birds. You may also find Direwolves, Carnos, Rex, and Titanomyrma. As said before, you will most likely find a lot of metal in this area, but you can also find raw salt, cactus, sap, wood, thatch, fiber, flint, stone, and oil.



The Canyons area is known for having one of the only natural water sources that cannot be used up. It has a lot of big Canyon walls surrounding it, which makes it a cooler environment. This is another well sought after location on public servers because it is easily defensible, but is home to some of the more dangerous creatures.

Here, you will commonly find Ankylosaurus, Coelacanth, Doedicurus, Jerboa, Jug Bug, Morellatops, Procoptodon, Terror Bird, Kaprosuchus, and Moschops. This is typically not a place that beginners will go to, but it is one of the better spots on the map for more advanced tribes to settle down.



The Dunes is the region that surrounds the entire region of the map. This is the most dangerous area on the map because it is so hot and lacks water. There are a few water sources that you can find, but they are random and disappear after a certain area of time. The Dunes is home to all of the Death Worms and special loot crates. You can actually find Deep Sea Loot Crates in random areas in the desert that contain anything from riot gear, to shotguns, to saddles.

Interestingly, if you place a Wind Turbine in the Dunes region, it will be powered always, regardless if it is day or night.  In this area, you can find Jug Bugs, Arthropleura, Pulmonoscorpius, Vulture, Titanoboa, and Death Worms. I recommend avoiding this area if you are a lone adventurer or a new tribe. If you are trying to conquer the best of what the Desert has, than this is the region for you to be in.

High Desert

high desert

The High Desert is a very fertile land that has a lot of vegetation. It is the central area of the map, that does not have many predators. There is a ton of natural resources such as water and metal. Although it is hot, you will not get Heat Stroke by just standing around in the area. This is probably the main spot that new tribes go to when making their first base as there isn’t a lot of threats and it is easy to get started due to all of the natural resources.

Here you can find the following creatures: Morellatops, Jug Bug, Lymantria, Lystrosaurus, Mantis, Parasaur, Doedicurus, and Terror Bird. I recommend this area if you are a new survivor who wants to get started in a safer area with a ton of naturally occurring resources.

Low Desert

low desert

The Low Desert is very similar to the High Desert, the only difference is where it is located. The Low Desert does have a bit less resources than the High Desert, so this can be a bit more difficult of a place for new players to settle at. In this region you can find the following creatures commonly: Ankylosaurus, Direwolf, Doedicurus, Jerboa, Jug Bug, Morellatops, Parasaur, Procoptodon, and Raptors.

If you find yourself thinking that the High Desert is too easy of a place, than I suggest the next place to move onto is the Low Desert! One thing about the Low Desert that is different from the High Desert is that this area has a ton of Plant Species Y Seeds, while they are a lot harder to find in the High Desert region.



The Oasis is a unique region in the sense that it is an extremely lush place that has a ton of resources. Similar to the Caynons, the Oasis has a water source that will never run out. Whenever a new official server pops up, the Oasis is one of the most sought after places as it has a lot of natural resources which makes setting up a base for new players extremely easy. You can also snipe people who are looking for a water source and take whatever goods they are carrying.

In this region, you will find the following creatures in abundance:  Coelacanth, Paracer, Gallimimus, Morellatops, Jerboa, and the Kaprosuchus. I definitely recommend this place if you are trying to get used to this region and are new to the Scorched Earth map.



The Mountains region is a very dangerous region of the Scorched Earth map. There are a ton of natural predators that live here and there are no natural water sources. It is almost impossible for new tribes to settle in this region because of the lack of natural resources. In this region, there is an Obelisk which houses the portal for you to summon a boss.

You can also find the Grave of the Tyrants in this region, which houses one of the necessary Artifacts if you wish to summon the boss of this map. In this region, you can find the following creatures commonly: Ankylosaurus, Argentavis, Carnotaurus, Direwolf, Pulmonoscorpius, Rock Elemental, Sabertooth, and Thorny Dragon. You can also find an abundance of flint, metal, raw salt, stone, and sulfur in this region.

The World Scar


The World Scar is another dangerous region on the map which is filled with Wyverns. If you need to get your fill of Wyvern Eggs or claws, this is definitely the place to be. This is the most west area on the map and is known for its dangerous chasm. You can most commonly find Wyverns here, but there are some other creatures that can be found wandering in the area. This is definitely not an area that new players want to explore because it is certainly a death trap. You will need to come fully prepared if you want to be here, because the Wyverns will instantly tear any new survivors apart.

New Items from Scorched Earth


The Scorched Earth expansion brought a lot of new weapons to the world of Ark. For Melee weapons, you can now make Boomerangs, Chainsaws, and Whips. The Boomerang is a Torpor inflicting weapon that allows you to knock out unarmored players in about three hits. Although it is not the most efficient weapon to use to knock out dinos, it certainly will work for lower leveled ones.


This expansion also introduced Flame Throwers to the world of Ark. You can bring this bad boy into the Snow Cave on the island where it will deal additional damage to any snowy creatures that inhabit it. You can craft it in a fabricator by combining 75 polymer, 50 cementing paste, 35 metal ingot, 10 sulfur, and 15 electronics. It also brought Cluster Grenades and Rocket Homing Missles. Both of these are great additions to the game which are unique and change some of the dynamics of team fighting in both the island and the scorched earth map.

There has also been introduced special desert clothing called Desert Cloth which can either come in the form of gloves, shirt, pants, or boots. You craft these by using hide, fiber, and silk. You can combine these in a smithy to create special desert armor that has additional protection against the heat.


Overall, the Scorched Earth was a great addition to the game that adds a ton of new content which keeps everything fresh and new. I definitely recommend it for the small price tag as it adds tons of hours to the game. You can basically start over with all of your favorite dinos in a brand new environment. There are a ton of secrets and new structures and creatures to explore and tame. The Scorched Earth is basically a chance to get that feeling of experiencing the game for the first time again, and this time in a completely new setting.  If you are a fan of the classic Island Map, then you will definitely enjoy everything that the Scorched Earth map provides.