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So it Begins… ARK: Survival Evolved Trailer & ARKaholic.com

Welcome to ARKaholic! We are a news source and community for the game known as ARK: Survival Evolved. During the next few days this website will undergo quite a few changes in its design and architecture so please bear with us during this time. You can expect us to deliver you the latest news for ARK and build up a community of many like-minded gamers to share the experience with.

The team over at ARK have released their announcement trailer today if you have not yet seen it, it is below. I will go over a breakdown of everything that is shown in the gameplay trailer, my thoughts, and some information provided by the creative director, Jesse Rapczak later in the night.

You may also find the interview between the creative director of ARK, Jesse Rapczak, and Lirik by clicking the following link HERE.