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Titanoboa Dino Dossier


Common Name: Titanoboa

Group: Reptiles

Species: Titanoboa exornantur

Time: Paleocene

Diet: Carnivore

Temperament: Aggressive

Tamable: No (Not at the moment)

Rideable: No (Not at the moment)

Although it is not tamable now, the developers have confirmed that in the future it will be able to be tamed and ridden. The Titanoboa is a long snake like creature that has the ability to crawl over walls that are up to 2 units high. This ability gives this dinosaur the unique ability to slither into enemy bases despite there being a wall. The uses for this special ability are endless. On top of that, having a Titanoboa as a companion will be great to go over obstacles at a pretty decent speed and have the ability to do a lot of damage.

The Titanoboa is very aggressive and territorial. The snake will go out of its way to make sure you are not in the same vicinity as it. They are found in caves and swamps, mostly in the center region of the island. They will not stop chasing you until you are out of their cave. The attack of a Titanoboa will increase your torpor. Killing a Titanoboa will yield Raw Meat, Raw Prime Meat, and Hide. They are a decent source of hide and yield only a small amount of meat, I do not recommend farming these creatures if you are in need of either of these two resources.

If you are building a base near a swampy area, I recommend building wooden catwalks to your base to make sure that this slippery snake cannot give you an unwanted visit. The Titanoboa also has the ability to swim at a fairly decent rate. This gives them another advantage and makes them a good companion when they add the ability to tame and ride them.  If you do go hunting for these guys in the caves, be sure to pack a lot of water and meat so you will not get stuck suddenly in the cave without having a way to sustain yourself.

Interestingly, the Titanoboa is about 3 raptors in length, which is surprisingly long for a new player to spot.  The Titanoboa also yield eggs that are useful for making kibble for taming Gigantopihecus. This is really the only use that they offer in the current state of the game. These eggs are however, very difficult to gather so I recommend only going for them if you have nothing else to do and really want the eggs for the kibble.

Wild: Found in the swamps and the dark caves of the island, Titanoboa exornantur is an aggressive creature that prefers cold dark rocky areas. This extremely large snake, while being a member of the Titanoboa family, does not constrict its prey as most boas do. This adaption may come from coexisting with giant insects.

Domesticated: As they appear immune to knockout poisons, Titanoboa exornantur is basically impossible to render unconscious. Because this crucial step can’t be done, taming this can be a challenge!

Known Information: Being immune to knockout poisons, and being unable to pierce the thick chitin of the insects, the species have learned to coexist. They often even hunt large prey together. Titanoboa has developed a strange coexistence with the other creatures of the island’s caves.