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Woolly Rhino Dino Dossier

Woolly Rhino Dossier

Common Name: Woolly Rhino

Group: Mammals

Species: Coelodonta utiliserro

Time: Late Pliocene

Diet: Herbivore

Temperament: Friendly

Tamable: Yes

Rideable: Yes

The Woolly Rhino is neither aggressive, nor a pacifist. They will attack you only if you attack them first, and if you attack them, any other nearby Rhinos will join them in attacking you. Often times, the Woolly Rhino is found with others of the same kind. The Woolly Rhino is the prehistoric version of the modern day Rhino except for the brown fur coat to protect themselves from the cold. Killing a Woolly Rhino will yield Raw Meat, Hide, Pelt, Keratin, and Woolly Rhino Horn.

The Rhino Horn is a new addition that comes with the addition of the Rhino into the game and can be used to craft the Brother of Enlightenment. Often times, players will hunt Rhino because they provide an abundance of Raw Meat and Hide. Both of these are necessary resources if you wish to survive and become a powerful force. The Rhino can be most commonly found in the top left portion of the map in the Whitesky Peak mountain range. The Rhino will produce medium sized feces.

Knocking out a Rhino is not an incredibly difficult task. If you kite them around and have them follow you while you hit them, you can easily knock them out. Alternatively, you can use two tribe members and have one fly a mount and the other standing on the mount and shooting down on the Rhino from above. In order to knock out a level 50 Rhino, you will need to hit it with either 27 Tranquilizer Arrows, 97 Slingshot Hits, or 237 hits with a baseball bat.

Woolly Rhino 1

Be sure to stay out of close quarters with the Rhino as it has extremely high melee damage. The best strategy if you are trying to kill it by yourself it to kite it with a ranged weapon, the crossbow or bow and arrow is the best solution. They do have a charge attack, so be sure to never lose sights of it or it will come charging and attack you.

Also, make sure to clear the surrounding area of Rhinos as they will all come and attack you, making the task even that much more difficult. If you can somehow trap the Rhino against a rock or in a cave that it cannot fit in, that is another viable strategy that can be utilized.

The Rhino prefers kibble that comes from a Terror Bird. In order to tame a level 50 Rhino, you will need 25 Kibble, with 205 narcotics for a total taming time of 48 minutes. If you do not have this kibble available to you, you will need 243 vegetables and 2602 narcotics for a total taming time of 5 hours and 42 minutes. Obviously, if you can spare the resources, the best thing to do is to use the kibble as it will save you valuable time and resources.

The Rhino has a lot of uses once you tame it. For example, the best use for a Rhino that I have found is for when invading another tribe’s base. The Rhino has an extremely quick charge attack that can take other players off guard and knock them down. It also deals a lot of damage to dinosaurs which will allow you and your mates to take down the target. On top of that, the Rhino can be great for traveling distances.

Woolly Rhino 2

When you sprint with a Rhino, you will actually knock down any trees that are in the way. This is useful because you can clear a path for the rest of your tribe to take, and make the path clear for larger dinosaurs. They also have a naturally high carrying capacity, which makes them the perfect companions to take along while you are traveling from base to base, or expanding your base. Finally, they are extremely useful collectors. While you are sprinting through and knocking down trees, you will collect Thatch. This is a surprisingly efficient way to collect thatch. On top of that, if you set the Rhino to passive, it will collect Berries at an extremely efficient rate.

Keep in mind though that increasing the movement speed does not increase the rate at which the Rhino charges. Increasing its movement speed will only increase its default walking speed. If you manage to build a full charge meter, you will deal 10x the normal amount of damage to a target. They are extremely useful for knocking down walls as well. Definitely take advantage of all that the Rhino has to offer and recruit them into your tribe for a power house dinosaur that will provide so much utility.

Wild: Coelodonta utiliserro is a friendly herbivore, common to the tundra and grassland regions of the island. It is a large and dangerous creature, though it seems fairly trusting of the fauna around it. Once attacked, Coelodonta charges towards its foe. It builds up momentum as it charges, and depending on its ultimate impact speed, the results can be terrifying. With enough room to charge, it can even skewer the largest creatures in just one single gore!

Domesticated: When not being hunted for its horns, Coelodonta makes an excellent beast of burden. Its ability to take on far larger opponents provided sufficient charging room, as well as its sizable load capacity, make it a solid addition to any trader party or gathering expedition.

Known Information: Despite how powerful Coelodonta are, many tribes still hunt them extensively due to their unique resources. Its horns can be ground into a highly arousing powder, and its thick fur can support many insulating outfits, making the Coelodonta much in demand. Even less advanced tribes use packs to hunt them down, though at significant peril.